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I am curious what everyone would say is their favorite make of strings. I seem to prefer the
D'Addario EXP Coated strings above all others. I know this is a personal preference, however, I thought it might be interesting to hear the opinions of others.

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I have been using Elixir Extra lights, Nanoweb and Polyweb interchangeably, depending what the store has in stock. I use them on my Gurian JM, Yamaha L6, and Yairi DY51 and I like them very much. I typically get at least 6 months out of a set and I play every day, rotating the guitars when I am in the mood. I also have a Washburn D34-S and I put Diaddario EXP extra lights on it because they were on sale; buy one set get the second half price. I like the sound ok but they are not as smooth as the Elixers and I won't buy them again. I had to go back to the old "nose grease" trick for those.
On my classical guitar I use Galli Genius strings, and I like the tone much better than Savarez.
Elixer nanoweb lights came on my CA composite guitar; I'll play them to their death, just because they say they're weatherproof (the composite guitar was bought for outdoor use here in muggy SW Florida). I'm currently using Markley Alchemy mediums on my Martin J40, and Martin Flexible Core mediums on my Martin 00-16 and Serrell Jumbo.
Greetings Bill..hope you're have'n a great day. I play a Martin D28, A Martin OM, and a Yari DYM95V. for years I've used D'Addario strings, EXP11's. I Just recently Tried Cleartone light guage strings (12-53) and found them excellant, great tone and balance, and I don't see the "pick fuzzy's" like I do on the D'Addarios. On my OM I use Martin FX phospher bronze silk and steel strings...these strings have a marvelous balance tonally..are very easy on the fingers. However, the Martin's wear out pretty quickly when played as much as I do..I'd be hard pressed to make a set last more than a month, maybe two. I've experimented with just about all brands of strings..but always come back to D'Addario, or Elixir, so I'll just have to see over a period of time how well the Cleartones stack up to them.
I just tried a set of Cleartones on my Breedlove 12-string (which I finger pick)......and loved 'em. I, too, hate those fuzzies!!!
I own an Alvarez Yairi JY84E Jumbo acoustic/electric, and I've tried all the top brands, as well as some old brands I used to use way back when, and the only strings that give the sound I like coupled with longevity, are the Elixir Polyweb mediums. Yes Bill, this is truly a personal preference issue, but is neat to know what others' use. You never know, you find something else you like from the discussion. Mark
Hi Bill, I was a devout D'addario Phosphor Bronze user for many many years. Brian Ball of Ernie Ball was here doing a webinar kinda thing a few months back and I thought I'd try out his strings. I'm a "Chet Channeler" and have been at it 40 years now....I am completely impressed with the Slinky Titanium Coated strings...the highs are so clear, and they are really comfortable to play. Resistance to sliding your hand up and down the neck is greatly reduced too. Normally I will change my strings once every 5 to 6 weeks...but the Slinky's were good for a few months...they degrade very slowly.

I've never really liked Elixers...there is a stiffness to them...there's no elasticity, and the bass tones tend to go "thump" and die. For a short time I lost any desire to find a new guitar..playing the Slinky's for the first same old guitar felt new to me.
Here's a fun way to restring your guitar...use D'Adddrio Nahsville Highs, or the octave strings from a 12 set..especially when played finger style..
I've always used D'addario Med/light or medium on my acoustics, but since I've owned my Ovation (it's been about 3 years now) the next is just too narrow for the medium or even the medium light, so I switched to anything with a custom light. Recently I bought some DR Zebra's and I think I'll stick with them forever.
I'd have to dig out an envelope, but I'm pretty sure I use D'Addarrio phospher bronze lights. I like a mellower guitar sound, and as such change strings only when provoked.
I use D'addario strings on just about every instrument I own, I like the environmentally friendly packaging.


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