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Dear fellow musicians:

I am the founder of Luthier Built. Its mission is to connect players of stringed musical instruments with luthiers, the artisans who hand-craft and restore stringed instruments.

The website will be launched later this year. It will enable musicians to locate luthiers worldwide, review media-rich presentations of their work and their services, and connect with them.

The site will be totally free of advertising. It will be of the highest integrity and quality. Its public areas, including its directory of professional luthiers, as well as its articles on luthiers and their art, will be freely available to visitors.

What level of interest do you have in Luthier Built?  Please feel free to contact me about this project.

Thank you and best regards,


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Thank you! It's high time that a musician/luthier connection is given priority. Too often, musicians suffer at the sour end of an ill-set-up instrument, and thier entire performances are negatively affected. With the advent of the internet, a fine repair-shop/luthier, is just a click away. New friends will be made, and the quality of individual performances will soar. Hank Williams Sr. once said; "Give a kid a bad guitar and he'll play bad music" true. In these uncertain times, forging friendships with qualified luthiers is a "win-win" situation for all. The economy will benefit with the new commerce, and the auditions will become more competitive! Great idea....keep us informed! Cheers, Joseph Zarola, Singing Strings Guitars.
I think it's a fabulous idea. I can promise you that once your sight is up I will be a regular visitor. My perspective is that of a player. I've never built an instrument though I love working with wood and would love to learn. I agree with Joseph about building relationships and sharing understanding and the passion that we all have for the sound of strings vibrating over real wood.

Ditto that Jason. We ARE what we play! If we are playing a guitar that is intonally incorrect, even a well-played piece will fall short of it's due appreciation. I hope to see you here more often! Thanks for the reply. Cheers, Joseph Zarola, Singing Strings Guitars, Fairfield Glade Tennessee
Joseph, What part of TN is Fairfield Glade in? I live in North Alabama, and would be interested in making a trip to see your shop if you wouldn't mind.

Great idea, most luthiers would be very excited to have anyone do a story on them/interview them. Looking forward to it.
I think this is a great idea.  I was fortunate to find a great luthier by chance and would certainly steer him your way when the site is up.
Hello Jason. I live 10 miles out of Crossville Tennessee, 5 miles off I-40 up on the plateau between Nashville and Knoxville...give me a shout anytime!    I am gearing up for my Spring product release, so my shop has more guitar cases in it than are welcome here....bring your guitar!.    Cheers, Joseph Zarola


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