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Greetings Fingerstyle Guitarists,

A new composition and video for your listening and viewing pleasure:


"Nocturnal Scenes 'Round About Midnight" pays hommage

to two of my favorite, if disparate composers.

Variations, a la Benjamin Britten's Nocturne, work in

reverse to the theme 'Round Midnight by Thelonius Monk.

Together with the kinetic photography of Elaine Erb the

accompanying video celebrates nocturnal energy in many

guises: urban street scene, after-hours jazz club, late-night carnival, a

night drive to the desert, and, of course, a composer's


A teaser of the upcoming tour, workshops and CD. Enjoy!

Michael DeLalla

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Michael, I enjoyed your playing and the video.


What brand and model classical guitar are you playing?

Really nice tone.


I'm looking at a used Kremona Fiesta that I may buy this week which would be my first classical.





Hi Gary,

The guitar in the video is my longtime main classical, a Kohno Model 15, built in 1968. I'm slowly retiring it--it's become too fragile for touring, and the tone is beginning to flatten out a bit. Too bad guitars aren't like violins--they actually do stop getting better with us, I suppose,,,;-)...

I also have a nice Ken Hill which I use for a lot of gigs because it's outfitted with a GHS mic/pickup which just sounds wonderfully like the guitar, not like most classical pickups. For a first classical, I might recommend one of Ken's--beautifully constructed, reasonably priced. Mine is spruce top--brighter, a bit punchier tone than the afore-mentioned cedar-topped Kohno, good when playing with other instruments.


I don't know the Kremona line well, but have heard a couple that seemed like nice values. Let me know some particulars regarding price range, etc. and I might have a more concrete suggestion.



Thanks Michael for the information.


This Kremona is a solid cedar top, solid Indian Rosewood body and sides Fiesta model the guy is wanting to get rid of quickly. He's only wanting a 6th of what it is worth so I'm going to look at it since it would be a very reasonable entry price into the classical guitar realm. He's had it for sale for a while but hasn't had any takers and he's really wanting to sell it.


Thanks again;



Thanks, Ken.


Warm Regards,



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