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I find that I'm pretty drawn toward Recording King Guitars lately. The Century Series12 fret ROS-626, the new 12 fret ROS-06, and the Jubilee ROJ-25 with the good looking sunburst and classic headstock design.These look like great quality for a reasonable price. Anyone else here?

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Don't know much about the brand....I believe they are imported. Thats not a bad thing now days. The quality of imports has improved a lot lately. I do like your choice of 12 fret to body instruments. I think the extended body gives them a sound quite different from the modern day 14 fretters.

I did see a discussion here on an intonation problem on a new Recording King which was taken care of by the manufacturer/dealer. This can be a problem with almost any manufacturer. The good ones fix the problem. You might try a search of "Recording King" discussions here on this site.
There was a discussion about these over in the Gear forum. Apparently there are some consistency issues, but the good ones are amazing for the price range.
OK ... here's my 2 cents worth. I've had an ROS 606 since they came out. I love this little guitar and refer to it as my, travel or "Sweet Little Lady"; wouldn't trade it for anything. I love the simple appointments, mahogany body, 12, fret design, the slotted head and of course the tone. I would have preferred the Martin version, American product as opposed to Chinese, but the price was out of my league. I don't claim to be the greatest player in the world (there's always room for improvement). but it gets the job done beautifully.
Thanks for your replies fellows..These guitars look so fine...I wish there were some way to play these guitars here in
Albuquerque, but there are no dealers here. I hate to buy a guitar unfelt...I need to know if it has the fairy dust on it, and can only tell by playing the thing. I'm drawn to the ROS-626...but the Jubilee ROJ-25...maple back and sides with a spruce top...great looking sunburst. If you search these guitars on the net, there is a lot of buzz out there. I see that Blueridge has released a few new parlors, the rosewood version looks really great...more expensive, but I think it's the same designer for both these brands. I think discussing the intonation problems with the dealers before ordering might be a good step. I spoke to the fellow at the Guitar Hut about it and it was the first he'd heard of the problem though. Lou, thanks for the news on your 606...sounds like a great little guitar..there are a lot of positive remarks about it out there.
Bob, I think you're right in wanting to play the instrument first. I did try the 606 out but it was purely dumb luck or perhaps karma that I did. Where I live, in upstate NY, there are very few shops to go to to try anything out. While visiting one of my sons in southern California, I stumbled into a small shop where the owner knew what he was talking about (not always the case) After playing a while, I was sold. The only thing I did was replace the standard strings that came with it with Martin, Folk Guitar Strings (silk & steel) . I couldn't be happier. Best of luck!


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