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Does anyone know of any good instructional material for flatpicking the blues? I'm sure there's plenty of it for electric guitar, but I'm talking acoustic, of course, and am really struggling with fingerstyle.

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There is a website out there with instructional material for flatpicking the blues....

I have not used this material so cannot comment in anyway if it is good or not... just know it exists.
Try Justin’s site he uses an electric however I'm sure the theory is all the same and on his site he has a 7 day free pass for Jam play and they have great lessons for blues I just got done downloading the lesson from them and yet to go through them

Ok best of luck

I would suggest Tommy Emmanual's "Up Close and Personal" It is a semi instructional dvd where he goes through a lot of his repertoire piece by piece. I know he is better known as a fingerstyle player but he does have a lot of material for flatpicking. He cites Stevie Ray Vaughan as a major influence and you can hear a lot of this in his blues style. Even if you don't get anything educational from his teaching it is at least great to watch him at work!! Also might try SRV signature licks. This is good too - readily transfers to acoustic.
I Have the Tommy E. up close and personal. It's very good, also SRV's Life By the drop is one of my fav. songs to perform. It's not difficult and has some cool licks.


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