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3000  DKK
528,14  USD


!2 string Framus 


Do you find this expensive ?



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Just found another one abeut the same price ;
Well. (And this is a guess dressed up as intelligence) I don't think so. The prices on E Bay for non electric Frami 12 strings range from 550 to 850 and I can't be really sure of the condition. So if this is a working acoustic electric in good to real damn good condition I would think it is not overpriced.
Thank you Ted, I will ask the man of the condition
Jan. You're the fella I'm communicating about the Landolas no?

Hi Ted

Sorry, english is not my first languige, and I don´t understand your question, -could you refrase it please ?

Oh. I had just realized that I had read your posts in the discussion about Landola guitars.
Recently a set neck Framus Blueridge 5/99 was on sale 3 times here in the UK no bids @ £160 it had no issues apart from one dodgy tuner I don't think Framus are rated highly here in the UK.

A Framus Studio the bidding about to end in Ebay UK. 

Very interesting. I don't remember having seen, so far, a Framus with the name on the top of the guitar the way EKO guitars seem to be made. This one looks very desirable.  These are

Happy New Year all,


Ted my Framus gaucho has Framus stamped on the pickgaurd.

Hello everyone- new member here! From what I gather, our guitars depending on the model and year are very desireable. I am trying to narrow in on the value of my 12 string Hootenanny 5/024 serial #219.  Yes, I said  s/n 219. I've been told of auctions for the 5/024 at 5,000 usd to 11,000 usd and these were later serial numbers. I guess some Beatle buffs with deep pockets really like them as John and Paul used them in various songs like HELP and You've got to hide your love.

I guess a fair price is what some are willing to pay! You can't beat the feel and distinct sound of a Framus.


Post Script: Anyone with info on my guitar?

Hi Brian

Welcome, I have some catalogue pics on my page I'm sure that guitar is among them with some detail incuded.




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