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I am looking to create some dialog hopefully. I joined these groups as did many of us to learn from others and to pass on what I know as well.

I am not new to the guitar but stayed mostly in the chord strumming arena for many many years. I am trying to break out of that. One of the areas that I am looking at building my skills in is flatpicking. I realize that playing with others is the best way to learn and I do that. But what I would like is for some of you that are on the flatpicking path to jot down some thoughts on the best way to progress. In other words:

1) what specific things/lessons should one practice and in what order?
2) are there must have books or sites that are considered the best or the bible?
3) anyone in Alpharetta/Roswell/Duluth GA interested in some porch playing?


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Hi Scogar,
What genre of music are you interested in?

Hey Dale, I mostly played acoustic strumming or rhythm. So pretty much any rock song that was just that, including a lot of Buffett, Grateful Dead, etc. the stuff you get in fake April i learned that a coworker that I liked played as well. We are pretty equal in skill and seem to have a lot of overlapping tastes. One of the songs that we are pushing ourselves to learn is Man of Constant Sorrow. We can now play along with You Tube but can't hold it together on our own....and we're along way off from adding singing.

I bought one of Kaufman's books recently and started on the first song...but my buddy and I were preparing a set for our debut concert in two weeks. But alas we are about 80% there and our work schedules didn't allow us to get together for about 4 weeks right up to the party. So we'll probably get these songs down for an open mike in early fall.

Pickin will be added though may not be made (or played) public for awhile. How about you?
I play 90% acoustic. Myself and 2 others (a bass player and another acoustic player) play similar things you are playing and we are starting to play for events locally.
We do a little of almost everything but I enjoy Buffet, CCR, John Prine(for his songwriting mostly), The Weight by The Band, Landing In London by Three Doors Down, John Law Burned Down The Liquor Store by Chris Thomas King, Perpetual Blues Machine by Keb Mo and we actually do Nothing Else Matters by Metallica which sounds good I think (for acoustic)..etc. I would love to learn Man Of Constant Sorrow also. Im a youtube fan for learning new stuff but I'm careful about who I learn from on YT. There are lots of people that play something similar to the song but I look for those that are teaching more exact to what the artists are playing. Check out Justinguitar on YT, he's pretty good and teaches well.
Good Luck
Hi Scott,
I'm self taught, I guess that's a mixture of all the people that ever took the time to show me a thing or two. Sometimes it's good and other times it's a copy of their mistakes but I learn faster that way. Youtube also has some good instructional material. I'm sure their are more qualified people to direct you than myself. I can say this, for myself, their is no better learning than the human being in front of you. I get a better feel for how the piece flows and it's not so monotone. Good luck to you and above all, just enjoy it.

hey scougar...... that can be a tough question as everyone does things in many different ways.. i myself found the size of your pick helpful....try the small medium fender picks as htey dont seem as awkward as larger picks and the have a nice for your flatpicking start with a small scale and practise,,,,,,,,,,,it will help
I love to play the Beatles and Pink Floyd


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