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Hi guys, was out gigging last night and the volume control on my L R Baggs pick-up system decided to fall off from underneath the edge of the soundhole. Any suggestions on the best way to repair this? Is it just a case of double sided tape to adhere it to the underside again. Suggestions please.

Many thanks, Ian

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Hi Ian

I am not sure how the L R Baggs was attached before the fall? If it was a piece of double sided sticky tape then yes, clean off the old tape and replace with some shiny new tape. Be carefull to check out the surface which it should be stuck to. Is it clean and flat? You may need to scrap off the old tape and glue first. Be carefull not to damage anything inside the guitar.

Let us know how you get on, so other can benefit from what you learn.

Hi John, many thanks for that. Looking at your profile it seems as though I could do with someone like you to do it or me. I also know someone by the name of Evans who makes instruments in my home town of Whangarei, New Zealand. He makes well-known resonator guitars, mandolins and ukes.

I am not sure how the Baggs was fitted myself but have wondered how long it would last as it didn't seem well-fitted. I also had a problem with the bridge as soon as I bought the guitar (used) - it started to lift. Was without the instrument for several weeks trying to find someone I might trust with it and then to get it done. At the time I was not in New Zealand and so could not call upon your namesake. I love playing the Gibson, and the sound for what I play, but have reservations about the build quality.

Will let you know how things pan out. Ian
I think John has it...double stick tape will work...the kind they use for carpets is very good and you can get it at most carpet stores! Problem is you have to buy a roll just to get a small piece. And as John said, be sure that the area of wood under the top is smooth so it can adhere well. Edward
Tape will come off again. It always does. (Maybe the carpet tape works better). But I end up putting a dab of superglue with the tape and apply pressure for a few seconds.
Hey Ian, I think the superglue suggestion from Marshall is the way to go! But just be careful not to get the superglue on your finger or you may become more "attached" to your guitar than you planned!!! :-) Edward


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