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Would like to discover what hymns, choruses, worship songs that you all enjoy playing and singing. I have already heard great posts of beautiful hymns by some of you and would love to hear and share more. Would like to include classic hymns and contemporary worship, sung in congregation (I've heard it called "gang singing"), in small group or even performed as special music, including instrumental arrangements (which I find can be very edifying). If you've discovered any posts of sacred music on the site we may have missed let us know. If you've composed any songs yourselves please share them.
God's blessing to you all
Doc Fleetwood

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It's the old traditional "Amazing Grace." It just never grows old no matter how many times I play it. I'm so blessed that he saved a wretch like me, and has given his grace through many dangers, trials, and snares.
I really don't have favorite but I have really enjoyed the hymns that have been remixed or changed up like Chris Tomlin's "Amazing Grace my Chains are Gone" Or Casting Crowns "Glorious Day". I also like the songs on Worship together and
The songs I love to play the most...? Not that easy of a question to me but I've grown fond of "How He Loves" performed by David Crowder and Kim Walker when rehearsing it with our praise team; I've also enjoyed opening worship with "Dwell" by Casey Corum (Dwell 14 New Songs of Worship); and "I Will Go" on Starfield's CD, same CD title.
I'm also a fan of "Nothing But the Blood" by Matt Redman and since I like what I hear as many times as I hear it, Jeremy Camp's music (I guess that explains three CDs).
My favorites are the ones that cause my attention to be drawn toward God and be reminded of what He's done for me while others are those He (thru the help of the Spirit) assists me to write to give to Him and share with others.

My faverate would have to be "Amazing Grace". For some reason I play the heck out of that song in practice. Its a very soothing song.

I play a decent version of "El Shaddai" that uses basic chords except for a few that I get to move around the fretboard for - woo hoo!

I learned a version of "Amazing Grace" done to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun" from a very Godly man named Terry Bennett who has since gone to be with the Lord.  I last played that at my father's funeral in May :(

Also, I love "O Holy Night" at Christmas, and of course "Silent Night" - 1st verse sung in German - then repeated in English :)

I have composed 2 songs with God's help - "My Savior Lives" and "You Need to Believe" - maybe I'll find some way to get them up here someday...

Oh, and these are all played fingerstyle...

Hi Folks,

I have to agree "Amazing Grace", because it fits my life in so many ways, and because of the truth of the message of the song. Lately, though, I have been playing it as an instrumental; fingerstyle in DADGAD, a modification of William Coulter's arrangement. I haven't recorded it yet. Maybe I can do that soon and share here.

I love the old time gospil. I'm a bit confused though. Someone told me lots of the new stuff uses somenspecial  kind of GOSPIL CHORD? Can anyone explain?



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