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I have a battered Levin LM-26. On looking at two sites for identifying the year it appears to have been made in 1945 but I believe these guitars were introduced in the late 1950's. the serial number is 159414 and is printed on the inside of the guitar on the upper right-hand bout. Does anyone out there have any ideas about when this guitar could have been made? I am hoping to get this one restored sometime. It sounds great even though it's battered.



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During the mid sixties the production of Levin peaked at 32000 instruments per year, whereof at least 50% were Goyas. It happened more than once that a body first intended to become a Goya, came out with a Levin neck with number stamped on the head. Some Goya bodies had the Goya serial number in ink inside the upper bout side, as You describe.

Rikard Magnevil of Vintage Guitars in Stockholm, Sweden, have gathered lots of Levin and Goya related information on his homepage. He has made a very comprehensive summary on serial numbers of Goyas from 1954 to 1972.

The series range in 1964 was 15xxxx - 24xxxx which makes your number 159414 fit well with Your Levin number on the headstock.

I have heard goran Levin, former president of Levin say "Anything can happen in a Guitar factory..." but most often I guess there is an explanation...


My first guitar, bought second hand for $75 circa 1960 was a Goya M-26.  I sold it in the mid-sixties and soon regreted it.  About ten years ago I found another 1958 M-26 in Toronto.  It was more than $25, but still quite reasonable.  I love this guitar even though it is probably my least valuable guitar.  While the headstock and label say Goya, the truss rod cover says Levin.


When did the position markers move from the centre of the board to the bass side of the board?

The M-26 with centre positioned markers was discontinued in 1963 and replaced by the N-26 with off-centered markers in 1964. The N-26 was replaced by model 163 in 1969, still with offcentered markers but with a new headstock shape, new pickguard and slightly modified bracing.

I have a Levin LT18 with the number 3854 stamped on the headstock. That number I am assured is from 1905(!) but the model is a late 1960's (probably 1967) with the offset finger markers on the fretboard. I saw something here about strange things happening in the factory but can anyone five me a plausible explanation as to what may have heppened?


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