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Hello Fellow Guitar Collectors!

I'm new to the group... I never really considered myself a "collector", until I realized I currently have several (4) pretty fine guitars, and have bought and sold just as many in the last few years.  Right now, my two prize possessions are a Simpson Grand Auditorium Dream Series, and a Beneteau Nick Lucas Custom. I also have a one of a kind Stars Guitars electric, which was made back in 1982 or so, with my design and specs.  Lastly, as my travel guitar, I have a Composite Acoustics GX.

My question is this.. do any of you know of a forum or something similar where people can buy and sell high end guitars... safely?  I have bought and sold through Dream Guitars (a company that I have high respect for), but they charge a whopping 20% of the sale price.  For a guitar that sells for several thousand dollars, that's a lot. Ebay is a possibility, but that market is not best for hand made guitars.

And Craigslist is just too risky for my taste... I've sold a couple guitars through them without incident, but they were not that expensive.

Any ideas?  

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Howdy Angela.  One thing that was an unforeseen benefit in all the vintage acoustic trading I've done on Ebay, has been the acquisition of names of traders/dealers who had businesses aside from their Ebay activities.  I kept their info over the years and have a stash I check in with occasionally.  Two other resources, especially if you're looking for contemporary handmade builders is first, flip through Acoustic Guitar Mag, or any guitar mag and behold the wealth of builders looking for some traffic.  The other gold mine is hunting down guitar and luthier festivals.  Even if you have to travel to one you'll come home with a batch of contacts and flyers.  Probably telling you what you already know, but there you go.

I only care about early 60's back to 1930's older instruments, so Ebay has worked as a good jumping off point.  If I don't stop buying guitars, I'll be needing a different sort of jumping off point.  Good luck.  Dave. 

Thanks, Dave.  I may look into setting up a forum or something similar as a way to connect people who buy and sell high end guitars.  I'm sure there are other folks out there who don't want to pay 20% commission fees!

All the best,


I think once you narrow down the style, size, brand you're looking for it's easier to hone in on the makers/dealers.  You seem to have a bit of an eclectic preference...Simpson, Beneteau, Stars, etc.  High end Martins and Gibsons start at what?  In other words, what makes for 'high end'?  My 2 thousand dollar range '66 Martin and '57 Gibson might not be so 'high end' by comparison, but they are top of the line for my price range.  What dollar amount moves a guitar into the 'high end'?

I guess "high end" is an arbitrary designation. For me, I consider anything above $4000 to be in that category.  Take a look at the Dream Guitars or Guitar Gallery sites and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Usually, those expensive guitars are hand made by individual luthiers, or they're pre-war Martins or the like.  Very pricey.  Because of the high cost, buying and selling can be a risky business... so I guess that's why companies like Dream Guitars or Guitar Gallery exist.  A safe way to sell an expensive instrument.... at a price. 

Have you ever looked at to check out his inventory?


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