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Okay, let's see some of your projects past and/or present.
I'll start.
Here's my 8th guitar:

And here is my 87th:

Here's what I'm working on now:

This is going to be an experimental/ prototype lattice braced steelstring.

Let's see yours!!!

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Hey Guys
I am sort of new to this forum. Joined a few weeks ago and have just been lurking.
There are some great looking guitars on this forum I thought I would add a couple shots.
The first is a shot of Dan Walsh with his custom designed Gilmore Parlor guitar. Dan Commissioned this guitar after he played the Bubinga Guitar which is the second picture. Dan has toured all of Canada and most of the US with this guitar. He has since commissioned a Baritone which was build with a sister set of cedar for the top.
The Bubinga Gilmore was commissioned by a gentleman in Ireland where that guitar now resides.

I have been building guitars since 1995 and am planning on taking the hobby out of my garage and into a full time shop within the next year or so.
David Gilmore
Gilmore Guitars
Here's a couple of new ones:

This one is Honduan Rosewood/ Stika Spruce

Claro Walnut/ Sitka

That Top is Gorgeous!  That is a killer bear-claw top.  I would love to have the billet that came from.

Here are some pics of the first four out of six parlour guitars I'm building. I'm presently working on #5 and hope to finish #6 before the end of the year (#6 will be built as an irish bouzouki).
Rob, beautiful guitars! I will really be interested in knowing more about and seeing pics of the #6 guitar. I have an 8 string octave mando in the works that will look, as will yours I guess, more like a guitar than a mando. Thanks, Edward

Here is one I built a while back that is a tenor with doubled strings...

Thanks for your reply Edward. Your tenor guitar looks terrific too, nice details! My #6 will be a lot smaller and with a shorter neck (12 frets to the body). I' m building it especially to accompany myself when singing irish ballads, not for solo work. Will keep you informed. Rob

Here are some pics of my parlour shaped irish bouzouki; great fun to play! For sound sample see my website



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