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Dear guitar makers:

I am the founder of Luthier Built. Its mission is to connect players of stringed musical instruments with you, the artisans who hand-craft and restore stringed instruments.

The website will be launched later this year. It will enable musicians to locate luthiers worldwide, review media-rich presentations of their work and their services, and connect with them.

The site will be totally free of advertising. It will be of the highest integrity and quality. Its public areas, including its directory of professional luthiers, as well as its articles on luthiers and their art, will be freely available to visitors.

What level of interest do you have in Luthier Built?  Please feel free to contact me directly about this project.

Thank you and best regards,


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Sound good Bob! Looking forward to participating. Jay Lichty
I only build for family and friends......No interest in anything else....
Mike Rosendahl
Hello Bob,
Please count me in when this is up and running, it looks like a very interesting project!

Best regards,
Hey, Bob... the good luck wishes still stand but I realized I put too much info in the post with my standard signature so that I would just remove it and restate the comment...

Anyway, best...

Hi Bob,

I am very interested in this project. I hand build steel string guitars which are basically replicas of some of the finest vintage guitars from American makers particularly Gibson and Martin which are for rare or expensive as to be out of reach of players. I specialise in Gibson L1 replicas from the 1920s. I own as 1929 L1 original and it is the finest sounding guitar for playing blues and country blues on. I decided to build one myself just to see how it would sound. It sounded great and I sold it to a professional blues player straight away. Since then I have built 8 or 9 all of which have sold because they sound and feel great. My problem is I am based in Spain where the main interest is in Flamenco and Classical guitars. I really need to reach the American market. If you could help me to do this I would be very grateful.

I have a website which will show you what I do.

Good Morning Bob,
Count me in, I build and also sell raw materials and a line of specialty tools which I make.
Brian L Sutcliffe


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