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Here is the place to post pictures of your miniatures!

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Here are a few of the Lennon Ric I built for my son-in-law. He became a real Beatles fan after playing the Beatles version of the Rockband game. This was the first Ric that Lennon owned and played.

The finished gift...

Here is one for my bandmate Patrick of Raymond Guitars...

And the finished gift:

This one was for my son...I actually built the real bass first and then made the miniature.

Here is the mini on the back of the real bass:

And the final gift...

Your work is AWESOME!
Ed what did you use for the frets on your guitars,?I'm just trying to find wood to work with.I'll take a picture of my little strat ,tomrrow.It mas a surprise stocking stuffer. I thought they made them of wood but this one is made of plastic.It is still cool because I've had many strats.and I miss them all.
Hi Michael,
The frets are made from a high E guitar string, I think that's recycling! Although I suppose you could use hardwoods, I use bass wood from the hobby shop, the kind people use to build radio control airplanes. It is lightweight and comes in 3' wide by 3' long pieces. I use 1/2" thick for acoustic bodies and to "carve" one-piece necks, and really thin pieces for tops and backs. I have been busy recording this month, trying to wrap up my EP that I want to release by Christmas, but soon I will start a little picture tutorial here is this group on building an acoustic. Edward

Here is an Alverez "tree of life" replica...

Here is the Martin 12 string that appeared in the Sounding Board Newsletter from Martin! Yep, that's a real penny!

No Photoshop here!  Edward



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