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I'm having a problem with finger noises in my acoustic recordings. I play a lot of blues and use finger sliding, so picking my fingers up won't work. I've tried Finger Ease.


I'm using new SP Martin strings. I think I had less problems with Elixers.


Any advice?

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Try Elixir Polywebs.  They have minimal squeak and have a sound that should compliment blues tunes.  From an electronic standpoint, you could insert a de-esser into your live signal chain or your post-tracking (i.e., mixing) recording chain.

There is also something to be said for the size of an callous you have on your left hand fingertips coupled with the angle at which the finger is positioned when sliding.  If you angle the finger away from vertical (i.e., perpendicular to the string) you can diminish string noise.

Finally, the amout of pressure you apply when sliding can affect the tendency to squeak.  If you can reduce the pressure a bit you can mitigate the squeak.  You still need to keep enough pressure to keep the string vibrating from the most recent right hand attack though.  This nuance is an advanced technique.


How have your resolved this? It's been a while since you posted and suggestions were provided. 

My thoughts were reading through were it's hard to know to what extent "finger squeaks" would be intrusive to the listener (as distinct from the player). A recording would help in this regard. Might you be able to post an example?

Sorry, I've been remiss in posting and following the thread. I really haven't done any serious recording since my original post. At this point, I'm developing new material to record and now I have a new recording set up. 

I record gigs and practices, but I don't mind finger squeaks for them, but when recording for a CD, I want to avoid or at least lesson them. Since the last CD, I've changed pick ups and I'm curious how that's going to work out. I no longer use Gold Plus (under the saddle) pick up. I'm using Martin SPs on my HD28, but when I get down to recording, I may go back to coated Elixir strings. 

Maybe I don't have the correct habits for avoiding the squeaks, but when I'm playing, I want to be able to focus on playing without harboring a concern for technique to avoid squeaks.

Here is a song from a recent live show two weeks ago. 

and one from a radio appearance last Sunday. 


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