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This is a song called Live And Die In Love and is one of my first ever efforts at putting a full band track together.  My lyricist friend Sue M. sent me these lyrics and I composed the music and put together a basic solo acoustic track live to microphone (singing and playing done simultaneously). I record to a stereo mic plugged directly to the soundcard and always at 24 bits/96kHz.
I had everyone else send me 16 bit/44.1 kHz WAV files.

The song ended up at 6:20 which was way too long so I edited it way down in length by eliminating some verses (I always have to edit her lyrics anyway to make them work for a song).

Got it down to reasonable length and then had my friend Charlie Betts provide back up band withe electric rhythm guitar, bass and drums.   Bob Ridgway provided the scorching electric lead guitar for this.

I overdubbed all vocals and created a harmony vocal track complete with screaming.

I must remind everyone that I am a complete novice at this and learning as I go. I have no real equipment and do this mixing/mastering all with software.  I listen through a Soundbaster X-FI Xtreme Music (audio creation mode) outputting stereo to a Luxman R-117 stereo receiver (a 160 WPC powerhouse) which drives my speakers.

My setup is far from ideal but I have no money to spend on real equipment so I make do with what I have. See what you think of the result.  Worked hard on this and it does make me wish I had real equipment to do it right. This is a 256kbps streaming MP3:

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Great song....BRING the vocal volume up a notch or 2.

Yeah another great song Gil I agree with Dano and Trish if you can bring up the lead vocal up a little.


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