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I really don't mean this to be silly but I wonder. Is there a specific color that makes you feel more productive, creative or otherwise enabled in your studio endeavors. We are swapping rooms at my house to give me a larger room for my studio. (I have the best wife.)

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Burgundy and cream.
My wife did mine in light green, eggshell, blackout curtains and wood. Love it. She's got her own piano studio as well.
I love White AND Clean.
The woodwork and doors are white. The walls are this color

Thanks John. My wife couldn't wait to buy paint so we actually purchased a color very close to what you posted. It seems to be very calming and soothing. I think it will work quite nicely. The color we chose is called Twilight Gray. We went with more Earthy tones for the walls and like yours the trim is white.
Of late, I have been thinking about repainting. I haven't come up with a color yet.
I am with Nut...the top part of the walls in my studio are an off white and clean...but the bottom of the walls are a deep blue. The floors, as is the house, are 65 year old warm oak that I sometimes put a rug on for acoustics. I often record in dim light which is very focused to keep me focused!
Thanks, Edward

Blue (like John Gundrum's apparently), only because it used to be the guest room and the existing curtains worked for blue. I had the opposite happen - I lost the bigger room for a smaller one but it was my choice. The big one had noise and this one didn't!

Hey Randy,
Hello and welcome from a fellow Marylander! Funny, I too moved my studio into the Guestroom...Most of my guitars were "living" there already! I am currently recording an EP which will have 5 new songs and 1 old one (as a bonus track). I hope to have it finished and Mastered by Christmas. I am going to call it "Music from the Guestroom." I was first going to call it "Noise from the Guestroom", but my wife said that sounded a little too suggestive! I had agree...I sent you a friend request and would love to hear what kinda "stuff" you are recording in your Guestroom!
Hi Edward,

I accepted your request so you should be able to hear stuff - or just use the mp3player on



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