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Hi All,
I recently started researching iPad apps for performing
when my new music partner and i played out and the lighting
was dramatically different from what I'd seen on my intial
'performance time' visit.

There's a funny story but i'll save it for another time - except
to say that I learned quite fast that 'cycling' colored lights and chord
cheat sheets in red, blue and orange aren't a great match
(especially if you trying to manage performance anxiety).

There are a number of apps out there but it's not that easy to
find good, thorough, reviews or comparsions of each.
A lot of them overlap each other in some basic features but it
seems like the only way to really learn about them is to buy
and try.

I'll start by shedding light on the ones I've purchased recently, Onsong
and Songbook, and then follow up with how they work in practice
sessions - alone and with others and playing out in terms of reliabilty
and ease of use.

The accessories I'd like to begin covering as well include hands free
'page' turning foot pedals and ipad and iphone holders and clips.

Please feel free to add your thoughts, experiences and lists of 'what if's'
for community discussion.

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I have been using the IRig and running my guitar through to eq, add reverb, delay, etc with good results. I use the amplitube app and import backing tracks for practice and for playing out. I know its made for processing electric guitar, but it also does well with acoustic. You can also pre-record your songs, play along with yourself (which can add depth/space to you sound) and even fill in with some solos. Kind of like using a looping pedal without worrying about the foot control. I actually use my iphone for this with the attachment to connect it to my mic stand. Ipad would be ideal with the larger size. Its a very good tool. Amplitube has a tuner and allows you to build your own pre-sets.
Take a look at the iRiffport fBy PocketLabWorks for input to the iPad. I hear the iRig sucks but the iRiffport is vey nice. It has headphone output as well as aux out for powered speakers.


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