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Can anyone identify for sure what model and/or year the below Gibson lap steel guitar is?

Edward: Does the Gibson Steel Guitar book show this?


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I ran to my Gibson Lap Steel Book (by Duchossior) and found this very model on page 84.
It is a "Late 1947 BR-6 with narrow headstock logo and modern 'block' logo"

I note that the one in your picture has a script headstock logo, but all else seems the same...

Here is the description right from the original Gibson catalog:
"Modern as tomorrow, the Gibson BR-6 Hawaiian Electric Guitar is constructed of specially selected high quality woods, richly finished in black with light decorative accents. Bright cream color frets and position marks highlight the twenty-nine fret fingerboard which carries four and a half octaves. The six individual magnets give the BR-6 bell like tone and a resonant volume, usually found in only expensive guitars. Equipped with both volume and tone controls, here is genuine Gibson quality and performance in a moderate price instrument to make the BR-6 an outstanding guitar."

Here is a picture of one that was on sale recently at Elderly instruments for $575.00

This was a great investigative adventure for me...bring it on! Edward
Thanks Edward! That's exactly the info I was looking for. The condition of the one I am looking at is somewhere between the Elderly one you have pictured and the pic I originally posted. I'm trying to see if I can try it out before considering it as a purchase. I'm kind of worried about the pickup type. It's not anything like a P-90 or a pick-up on the BR-9's or EH-xxx's.

I check back in the book and get back to you on the pickup...Edward
Okay, there is not much in the Lap steel book...It says that these pickups with the tortoise cover were the first to have the "new" Alnico magnets in them about 1940, and were the forerunners of the P90. They were also considered modern because Gibson invented the "adjustable" pickup with the screws in the pole positions. There were evidently two versions of the BR-6 during the year 1947...the earlier of them had the script logo, but some, like the one you are looking at, had the newer "block" style logo. The version 2 had a sunburst finish and a fancier gold plastic pickup surround. The Version 2 also had a more block style, un-numbered" position marks. They both used this same pickup. The specs in the book just say "Pickup - Non adjustable pickup with 6 Alnico magnets." Looks like that's all I've got right now! Let us know if you get it and post some pics! Edward
Edward: You'll be happy to know I received a copy of the Gibson Electric Steel Guitars book in the mail today! Yipee! Now to make the time to read it! John
The one I'm looking at has the modern block logo. Some added research (I think from the Steel Guitar Forum) states there was a green color version with limited production. The green version is valued higher - which is not the color of the one I'm looking at. Oh well.... Something to keep an eye out for at yard sales.
Wow, a good old fashioned yard sale...I haven't seen one of those in you go to them often and is it a good place to look for guitars? Edward
I am planning on going out to a bunch of yard sales and a couple flea markets this weekend. I don't get out to them as much as I'd like to. Some flea markets happen once a year and are run by a church or community center. You can really find some interesting things. Most of the time I will be buying children's books that are in very good to excellent condition to resell on Amazon.

Instrument wise I've run into a couple fixer uppers that were no-name brand guitars that looked like they were from the 60's or 70's. I've even run into a Fender Jaguar or Mustang neck but passed on it but probably shouldn't have now that I'm looking it up on eBay!!!! Oh well....

Lately I have been going to estate sales where I've seen guitars or other kinds of instruments in the description or pictures. I haven't come home with any instrument of worth from either type of sale. Some estate sales can be a mess will a lot of people roaming about.

I did have one regret where someone was selling a student type bell and practice snare set in excellent condition for like $75. It would have been fun to play with or turn around and try to sell for a profit.



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