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I've been using GB for quite a while for simple tweaking of songs I record. Nothing heavy handed just a little reverb, etc.

Yesterday I brought a song from my Zoom H2 into GB, started playing it back and it sounded like it was running at about 2/3rds speed! Thinking that I might have accidentally changed a setting I quit and did not save the project. Relaunched and damn if the same thing happened!

I searched the help and could only find where you can change BPM and tempo neither of which I adjusted. So I was wondering if anyone had any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I did change both tempo and BPM which did change the speed but it still sounds like I'm playing and singing in slow motion!

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


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I sure don't know enough about GarageBand to tell you! BUT, it is should be able to adjust the speed, once imported, to match the original speed...and you can listen to both to compare and correct...I admit I have not done this before, as I started out on Logic, but it should work.  Don't know about GB, but Logic has a "tempo detect" that allows you to bring in audio and detect the tempo and then adjust things before bringing in drum loops.  Digital is so much more forgiving than analog was and I had a lot of time logged in the analog world before jumping into digital! I will check back here to see what others suggest!  Edward     


GB allows changes to the tempo and BPM. I changed both but it still didn't sound right. I also posted this in the Portable Recorder group since I'm using the Zoom H2.

Chris Moore in that group pointed out that the bit rate might be the issue which makes sense, I just haven't checked it out yet but will ASAP. Thanks for lending your opinion.

Ah, looks like you are on the right track! Let me know what you find out!  I understand that GarageBand is a very powerful tool for recording!  I think it lacks features that are in LP9 most of which have to do with midi and the like.  For anyone recording acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drum loops and live keyboard, I think it covers the bases! I mostly use Logic for those things, not the sophisticated techie and amazing things it can do deep in the software, so for me it is a Godsend, especially having spent so much time recording in the analog world!    Thanks, Edward  


Yes indeed it was the bit rate! The file I was trying to import was 48kHz and GB only accepts 41.1kHz. I just converted to Mp3 to tweak but will record in the correct rate in WAV going forward because of the quality.

Thanks again!

Excellent!  Glad to hear you cracked the problem!  Edward


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