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I need to get two songs from a pro tools enviroment to my Logic Pro 9. Can anyone tell me what the easiest way to do this is? All I realy want is the individual tracks, not effects. I want them to be the track within time of the other tracks.


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Being such a Logic Pro 9 devotee, I have not used Pro Tools, but I am sure they operate similarly.  In Logic you can "Bounce" a song as a finished project, which then goes to the CD authoring program, Waveburner.  However, it is also possible to Bounce all the individual tracks separately, but at once, as high quality "WAV." files.  These can then be imported together or separately, and then used in other projects.  The WAV files retain the quality and once imported into Logic, say by someone else, they are fully editable in terms of fades, automation, etc.  

I actually used this technique when taking tracks from my old software, CuBase LE, and saving each track as it's own WAV. file and then dropping them into Logic.  Because my version of CuBase came with my interface and was the LE, or Limited Edition version, it did not allow you to Bounce all the tracks separately, but at the same time.  I had to then hand-sync them myself, but it was well worth it for me! 

So, your friend should be able to Bounce, or whatever the term is in Pro Tools, the tracks as WAV files and give them to your digitally.  He could email them to you, but if they are too big it may take several emails to attach them all.  The beauty here too is that when they are all bounced, they retain their original lengths, so even a part that doesn't come in until later in the song will sync up with the other tracks.  In practice though you may have to do a little bit of hand-syncing!   I hope this is clear, if not let me know and I will try to find some documentation on it for you!    I am no  expert, but I am always happy to share my experiences!  Edawrd

I can find out exactly how to do it, but here is one way to do it.  Export each track on pro tools as a wav file (24 bit or whatever) and then import it onto a track in Logic.

Thanks for the help! I knew I could do this, but I guess what I'll have to find out is if he can export/bounce all the tracks separately to a WAV with out effects etc..


It might be a little work, but we'll get it done! Thanks!

I know in LP9 there is a setting when you Bounce or export that says you can exclude all effects and automation!  I would assume that a program like Pro Tools will do this easily too!  Let us know what happens!  Thanks, Edward
I totally agree.  Just bounce each track (from the very beginning 1111, so when you place them in Logic, they will begin at the same place) as a WAV (24 bit (or 16 if you recorded it in 16 bit) file and then import them into Logic.  Of course, a Pro Tools "project" cannot be imported into Logic (or vice versa), but the individual tracks can.  The tracks themselves retain their individual identity as to what they are (Wav, AIFF or whatever).  If you recorded themas AIFF's in Pro Tools, then import them as AIFF's into Logic.


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