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Hi everyone,

As a new member to the group, I thought I'd make a quick introduction. I'm primarily a guitarist, but I needed a smaller instrument with which to travel. I thought about procuring a travel guitar, but finally decided that this might be a good time to pick up another instrument. The mando seemed like a good choice considering its size and the fact that I LOVE its sound!

So, after copious amounts of research and a limited budget, I finally decided on a Godin A8.

I decided on this one primarily due to the fact that it can be easily amplified due to its custom pre-amp, it was made in Canada (next best thing to made in the US), and was reasonably priced. Acoustically, it has a nice tone, albeit not quite as loud as a traditional mando, but plug it in and WOW! I don't know how Godin did it, but plugged in, it really does retain its acoustic tone, only amplified!

Furthermore, as a mostly solo player, I wanted something that I could integrate with my regular guitar-centered repertoire, and this seemed to fit the bill. I think it will deliver in spades. However, I am looking forward to playing it with others in a duo or band setting.

Even though I've only had the mando for a few days, I've definitely been bitten by the bug...hard! It's SOOO much fun to play and I know I'll have to be careful to not abandon my trusty guitar! I'm also finding the transition from guitar surprisingly easy. The only thing so far that is proving a bit challenging the the ubiquitous "mando chop." Chopping on the off beat is counter-intuitive from a guitarist's perspective, so this will take some time to nail down.

All in all, I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of y'all fellow mando enthusiasts!



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Hello Jason,

Glad to see ya here.

Sounds like you've got it "all under control".


Good for you Jason...just like you I got bitten by the mando bug back in 1993 when a close friend passed away and left me five instruments, one a F style mando copy and one banjolin.  I have been picking on them ever since and got an original  song or two out of them too.  I am now very interested by the Godin you picture and will surely check them out!  My next mando purchase though is going to be a  n "octave mandolin", tuned just like the traditional mando, only an octave lower.  Played one and fell in love with the sound!  Check them out!  Edward

My two:

Very nice, Edward! My Dad has a mandolin-banjo as well and I love how it sounds! (From what I understand, they're often confused with a banjolin which has four strings rather than eight).

I'm loving playing mine. I'm finding it quite an easy transition from the guitar. The main challenge I'm having is finding the space for my fingers, especially on those four finger chords! I'm determined to learn it without using a capo which means really hunkering down on my music theory and nailing all my chords in all keys...yikes!

I'd suggest you try and find a Godin to try out sometime if you can. I've already used it plugged in twice and it sounds AMAZING through a PA! The acoustic tone is nice as well, and I think it's plenty loud.

Oh, and speaking of octave mandolins, I'd suggestion you check out the music of Sarah Jarosz. She plays an octave mando that is strung onto the body of a guitar giving it a unique sound and look. She's an amazing artist and is among many up-and-comers redefining bluegrass and associated acoustic styles. She's fusing old-time and bluegrass in the context of modern music. Definitely good stuff!

You may like the new Merlin-inspired Seagull flat-top Mandolin.


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