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Purchased a new HD-28 last week and, so far, it is awesome as most of its ancestors! I got a cheap deal on Martin 80/20 Bronze Medium Marquis strings (M1200) and they play and sound great. When I go through all these I might throw on some Martin M4200's as recommended by the Martin website for the HD-28 but the plain bronze sound terrific.

PS So far favoring Herco Gold Flex 50s over Silver Flex 75s with this setup.

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Congrats!! I got a Martin HD28V last year and LOVE her (named it Jacqueline ... lol).

I still have the strings she came with, and they are holding up very well. Martin sent me a bunch of phosphor bronze stinrgs (MSP4200) as a new owner, but I have yet to change them out.
Guys - I know this is just my opinion but I believe the HD-28 to be Martin's watermark, flagship, most notable, whatever you want to call it, guitar. Some folks claim the D-28 and even the mandolins ('cuz gthey kept them going during hard times) are the most important Martin instruments, not knowin' no better, but the HD-28 defines Martin at their very best. And the HD28V is one guitar I would absolutely LOVE to have. I'm not sure if I'll ever own one; I could afford only the lesser D-28 in 1985 (still have her) and now I have the D-41 Special that I love. But they are not an HD-28 (V or otherwise). I also have a 000EC-28 (Eric Clapton) model. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for an HD someday. Good for both of you!
Congrats on the buy-a wise choice. Martin's D-28 was never their flagship guitar in my mind. The D's are part of the reason why I had not been a Martin fan until I found my HD-28. I have a serious beef with Martin. Bass tones were terribly muted. When compared to the HD, sounds like someone added mud to the sound of low end. Nasty. No brightness.

I spent 4 months traveling around the east coast looking for the right guitar. I sat down with the HD and it took me all of about a minute to realize I had found the sound I sought.

What makes the awesound is the scalloped bracing-its lighter than the Martin norm. Hence why you need to play them with lighter strings. Coolness defined.
I played my friend Per`s HD 28 last sunday,It had a new set of Martin 12-54 bronce on it- I loved the sound .

Still it´s much to expensive for me, so I settle for my Miss Martin (Only sixteen/Sweet little sixteen)
owned two before and gravitated back to it agin... can't get away from it.
Have one and it is the best guitar I've played.  It is extremely versatile.  Sounds great finger picked and strummed.
Amen to that.  What strings are you using?
I really want a great sounding HD-28. Finding that sound that came out of a D-28 back in 1950 has been mighty hard to do. Maybe at 75, I ought to start looking for something REAL close. That sound has been in my head a mighty long time. Guess it's things like that makes life worth living. Reckon I'll keep on looking.
I also have a 2010 HD-28 (no wings). I love my HD-28....I've been pretty sick for a little while (leukemia) and haven't been able to play, but I'm working my way back into it now....I play 15 or 20 minutes a couple of times a day right now trying to build up strength, agility, rhythm, and stamina again. Chemo just takes it out of you for a while.....I'll be back soon, though. My HD-28 is a big part of my therapy right now.
Gerald, we all hope you get well soon. When I was rehabing from my illness, my guitars was one of the things that made me work harder on my rehab. Hang on in there and you should be o.k.


Could you tell me what you mean by 'no-wings'?  Is that something that refers to the construction of the headstock?  Do all new HD-28's have wings?  How can I tell.  I'm looking at buying an HD-28, and I've heard about the multi-part headstock and some issues with 'dead arears' around the 12th fret, I think.  Maybe you or other could educate me a bit please.  Thanks.


Nevermind, did a little more research and found a nice article on the topic that explains well...


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