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Teaching myself to play guitar( at 50 no less). I'm currently playing a 1981 Ovation Legend 1617. Great guitar in mint shape, but not the sound I'm looking for.Any ideas from anybody on a  all solid wood dread with a 1 3/4" nut for under a grand? I know those critters are few and far between, but ya never know.


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Thanks Jud. I'm gonna check on that!
Bob Tylka has a Seagull 25th Anniversary Flame Maple CW with electronics he's thinking of selling... ;-)

I think the Epiphone Masterbilt series is worth checking out.  A search for "Masterbilt" on the Musician's Friend web site turns up 12 different models, all solid wood and all selling for $700 or less.  They're made in China but they're surprisingly good - in fact, the AJ-500RE ("advanced jumbo", solid rosewood body, with electronics) got a Guitar Player magazine Editor's Pick award a year or so ago.


Thanks Mark. I saw those but havent checked em out yet. They're on the list. Thanks again.

Only drawback to Epiphones is that unlike Eastman or Seagull, they have the 1.68 inch nut.  Even the very nice all-wood Masterbilt's.   You'd said that the wider nut was important to you.  Blueridge is another make that you might want to check out.  The also have some all wood models with 1.75 nut at the $1,000 price point.
Yep. I traded a nice sounding Japanese Epiphone jumbo for the Ayers, because I can no longer play 1.68 nuts. With big ole' meat hooks, I am going for 1.875 or larger whenever I can. My Ayers and D-35S get all the playing time that is not allocated to my classical guitars.

I've got small hands, especially for a big guy, and the 1 11/16" nut just seems to be to narrow. Maybe its just me? I'm hoping a 1 3/4" will do the trick. Like I said, I'm just starting to learn,( teaching myself lol), so I guess the best thing I can do is play alot of different ones when I hit the lower 48 tomorrow. First stop when I get off the plane...Old Boise Guitar Shop.

Enjoy the hunt! 
Sounds like fun. Never met a guitar shop I couldn't spend an entire afternoon in if the proprietor was amenable to me "hanging about."

Street price of this guitar is close to a grand, and it's a Martin.


I would call Maury ...he gives a better discount than listed online. You won't have to pay taxes, because you're out of state.

Yep, I got mine for exactly $1,080 out the door from a shop here in Raleigh, NC.   For what Tom says he's after, I don't hink there's a better match out there.  A solid wood Martin dreadnought with 1.75 inch nut and onboard Fishman electronics for $1K (including hardshell case of course!)  !
well good luck with your hunt for that guitar,,,as for chinese made guitars thay just get better and better and you will get a all solid wood dread,,,,but do have a look at cf martin the DX1 is a awsome guitar and a t a low price it still has that martin tone ,,,how do thay do it ?,,,or you cauld go to a guitar shop pick that high end guitar up find the sound that you want then spend the time playing the low end guitars and try and match that sound,,,o yes it can be done,,,the only winner is us the customer,,,thay are made of wood and if the wood is cut right and put together right regardless of the name on the headstock it will sound ace,,,have a nice day


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