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Hi, all.  I recently acquired a D-18VS 175th Anniversary Model.  I was in touch with CF Martin, and they told me that it was shipped  to a store in the US.  I bought it from a dealer in England (I live in Northern Ireland).  Martin also told me that there were only 33 D-18VS models made in 2008.  That's not many, so I'm on a quest to see how many I can locate.  Do you own one of these beauties?  Did anyone out ther actually own my guitar - serial number: 1302321?  You never know!!

I would also be interested to hear what folks think of this particular model.  I love mine!!

I also own an OM28V and a D-16GT with a lovely sunburst top.  My other guitars are: Guild GAD 30E, Fairclough Star Parlour (made in England and designed by Steve Fairclough) and an old 70s Japanese Yamaki dreadnought.

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It looks like my Diston with a different pick guard.  I love my Ditson, it is booming,loud and clear clear toned guitar and I love the 1 7/8 inch nut.


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