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We had discussed the Guitar Center exclusive Martin MMV models a while back, but nobody seemed to know much about them at the time.

Today I actually played one and I have to say that I was extremely impressed!  This is a whole lot of guitar for the money!!

The MMV model designation is Roman numeral for either 25 or 2005, I forget which, but according to what I was told, Guitar Center commissioned a special custom run from Martin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of GC.

What you get with an MMV is either a dreadnought or an 000 size guitar with:

-Solid sitka top

-Solid rosewood back and sides

-High-gloss finish

-Ebony fingerboard & bridge

-Gold tuning machines.

In other words, practically all the stuff that comes on a "28 level" Martin ... but for only $1,400!

What's the catch??  Well nothing really.

The economy comes with the fact that the MMV doesn't have the regular "X" bracing, nor the dovetail neck joint.   Instead it has the modified "X" and the mortise & tenon found on all of the Martin models below the "Standard" line.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Bracing and neck joint are expensive factors in construction, but in my personal opinion, while the bracing is definitely important to the sound of the guitar, I don't think the dovetail neck adds much of anything other than a labor-intensive part of the manufacturing process.

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in Roman numerals I believe M = 1000 so MMV would be 2005

Probably right ...

Where did you get the specs?  Since it's a custom guitar made for Musicians Friends and GC, it's not listed on the Martin site. I'm surprised if it's full gloss at that price. The 28 series has hand sanded braces, and a little more detail.

I was surprised at how nice it looked too.  I got the specs from the folks at GC, but I also saw them somewhere on the web earlier.  Can't remember where, but it wasn't the Martin site for sure.

I bought my MMV almost two years ago. I'd been stopping by GC off and on for 6 months looking and playing various models. I was in love with the D-28 and got to the point it was the only one I wanted to play. But alas my budget wouldn't allow it. One day the sales guy (who BTW had this incredible Martin tattoo all along on his forearm) said "Hey, try this one". He handed me one and I didn't even look at the model/price tag.It was an MMV and I loved it. I about fell of the stool when I saw the price. It was on-sale for $1200, very near my budget limit. I waited another several months for a weekend sale and was able to get them down another 10%. It has the sound I'd waited 40+ years to own. My only regret is it has the more narrow neck at 1-11/16" .My fat fingers could really use 1-3/4" or 1-7/8". But that's my next guitar :).   

The family bought me one for Christmas... Outside of taking it out for a professional setup, and strumming a few chords I haven't played it. I can't hardly wait!

We allow everyone to open one gift on Christmas Eve...guess which one I'm opening?!?! :)

The box of socks - or the Christmas tie? ;-)

I bought an MMV a couple months back and am very happy with it. As you pointed out there are two main differences from the Standard. I agree that the bracing is probably the main difference where one could make a point that the sound may be impacted, but...... I'm pleased. I've read some reviews which knock the quality of the tuners used, I don't realize any practical or functional difference.
So...should I feel duped???
I was curious as to when my MMV was manufactured so I looked it up online, and the site referenced as being manufactured in.....2006??????!!!!

I mean, I can see maybe 2011, and maaaaaybe even 2010, but 2006???

It was purchased two weeks ago as NEW from GC. Does that seem right??

It doesn't seem right - but it does seem possible... :-(

I am keeping it, but just wondering if they should have disclosed that it was NOS, and/or discounted it further

IMHO, a store should disclose the age/model year of their stock.  I knew I was buying a 2009 Seagull Performer in early 2011, and a 2010 Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II in late 2011 - both guitars were perfect, but I must commend Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, FL - - for always posting the year of the instrument in their online descriptions - or, stating plainly when the age is approximate... :-)  Both of these guitars seemed priced right to me - significantly below the then-current Musician's Friend pricing, for example...


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