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Hi All

I'm pondering a new (for me) used 12 string and these seem to be 2 good choices. Can I get any thoughts on either or both of these? I have friends with the 6 string versions....Thanx!


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I have 2 Grammer 12 strings, and LOVE them!  I also have a vintage Harmony 12 string.  The only Martin 12 string I have ever played was a vintage Brazilian Rosewood.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  Wish I had went ahead and bought it!  All I can say is that with an American made Martin ... you can't go wrong!


I agree with the American aspect, but my buddy Loves the Shenandoah 6 string. I have a '68 Yamaha 12 and a new Seagull S12(accoustic/elec), but those Martins.....

I have a 1980 D-28-12 and I love it.  The previous owner, whom was a friend of mine who willed the guitar to me when he passed away in 1993, had put light gauge strings on it, but tuned it to concert pitch.  With no adjustable truss rod in the neck it bellied the top a little and is getting a neck reset and fret job right now.  I hope to have it back in a month or so. When I get it back I plan to string it with light gauge strings again, but keep it tuned a whole step lower.  I also have a 1980 Guild jumbo 12 string and I keep it strung with extra lights and tuned to concert has TWO adjustable truss rods int he neck and since I bought it new in 1980, it shows no sign of neck or top problems...that said I can tell you that they are two very different animals! The Martin has rosewood sides and back and the Guild is mahogany. Te neck on the Martin is more robust and a handful compared to the Guild. My point, they have a very different sound and feel.  I am assuming that both the Martin you are talking about here are rosewood back and sides, so that levels the playing field a little.   Have you played a jumbo body guitar before...they are a little much of a reach for some players.  A true jumbo has a 17" width at the lower bout.  Anyway, I encourage you to attempt  to play them side by side to make a choice...or just take the easy way out and buy them both!!!!  :-)  In any case, please be sure to tell us what you decide and post some pictures of the winner!  We just love this kinda stuff!


well, Edward...seems I have BOTH guitars now, and LOVE them!! I'm discovering the nuances of each, and having a ball doing it. Thanx for your encouragement.



Excellent!  Post some pics please!  Edward

If you could find a Martin D12-20 in good shape I think you would love it.  However the old Martins don't have a truss rod.  I don't think you could go wrong on a Taylor 12 string.  I have seen some in quilted maple which is beautiful.  Also, you might want to consider a Larrivee 12 string.  For the money Larrivee guitars are a best buy.  I have owned Martins, Taylors, and Larrivee guitars and I loved all 3.

I played a D12-28 for at least 20 years but switched to a Takamine.  I had the Martin factory completely rework the neck and add a Thinline pickup but frankly rosewood is still a bit dark for a 12 to my ears.  On those occasions I really want that singing 12 string sound, I found the maple Takamine EF381SC voice just simply blew my 12-28 away.

To my ears, the maple makes a world of difference.  I have a friend with a maple Guild and I think the Takamine is brighter and fuller--the electronics are superb.

I have had an Ovation 12 too but the sound cannot compete with the Takamine--it really cuts through and sings when you need it--the neck plays like butter for a 12 too.

I have used in in rhythm drives, picking like Hotel California and solo John Denver type performances.

The case for it is built like a Sherman tank.

I love Martins and own some but for a 12, the Taka takes my ears.


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