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I am seriously considering getting a 000-15M.  Looks like a fabulous blues box.  Any thoughts from those who own or have played one?  I love hog and have a D18V.  Had a 000-15 some years back but sold it.  This newer 000-15M looks to be a nice update to that old one.

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You might checkout a Gibson L00...small body like a Martin 00 but deeper for more bass response...wider fingerboard too for fingerpicking the blues! Edward

Thanks for the suggestion.  I have had my experience w/ deeper bodied, wider fingerboard guitars and I am looking for narrower at this point. 

I have a D-15M and I've been admiring a 000-15M on the wall of our music store. If your 000-15 was a few years ago, it's likely it was mahogany not sapele....which would be close to the new 000-15M. 

The smaller body Gibson is pretty popular for blues, as Richard says. Personally, I would prefer the 000-15M.

When I had my 000-15 I think it was around 2005 so definitely sapele.  I like the nice touches Martin did on the M model with the rosette, inlay, tuners.  

Hi, I'm using an OMC-15E, which is similar all mahogany body - top back and sides,, and, honestly, I've been getting some great unsolicited comments about the sound, ...but  - I'm using the Fishman pickup all the time when I record, not miked.

Whatever you decide to do I'd suggest you always try the 000-15M out first yourself before you buy. I've come across a few guitarists in forums who actually buy guitars without having played them and rely on other players opinions. That's too risky for me :)

I have a few places I'll check to see if one is in stock.  I am used to guitars I like not being in stores and I have bought many guitars (including Martins) sight unseen and unheard.'re brave :)

The reason I'm not as brave as you is because about a year ago I almost bought a Breedlove before playing it, but chickened out at the last minute and decided to travel to the store in Newcastle. The guitar turned out to be not how I'd imagined, and the set up was terrible. Maybe just a rare bad one. Didn't sound how I'd expected either when I tried a few other Breedloves.

Anyways, good luck :)

I only buy through a trusted dealer. I've never had a problem.

Had a similar experience with an 00-15S and 000-15SM, both were slotted heads, and gone by the time I returned to the shop.  No worries, though, I feel in love with an HD-28 and took her home.  Now, I would still like to find one of those guitars to go along with the other. I love that 'woody' sound and the seperation of the tones for folk and fingerstyle playing.  I prefer the Mahogany rather than the sapele, though similar, the Mahogany has more character to my ears anyway.

Martin shows the 000-15SM as a current model. Just sayin...

Funny thing.  When I first went into the store the guitar pulled a 000-15S (000-15MS?) off the wall.  I know there's a lot of love for this model but I already have a custom Clarksdale all hog slotted 12 fretter.  I had an HD28 for a while but sold it.  Too much reverb for my taste.  Gorgeous though.

Oops - I should have said "the guitar dealer pulled a 000-15S off the wall."  


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