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My very first Martin was a D-28S, which I recently replaced with a D-35S, as the 28 was pilfered years ago. Does anyone know if either the D-41 or D-45 were ever delivered in the "S" configuration? 


Alternatively, I've noticed that some of the custom and signature models are 1 3/4" at the nut, but I really like the 1 7/8" nut width on the D-xS models. Was that spacing used on any other Martin models? 

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The standard size nut for most guitar makers is 1 3/4.  I have several Martins with the 1 3/4 nut.  I also have a Martin Ditson and Martin Custom D-35S with a 1 7/8 nut.  I believe I have seen a D-45 with a slot head somewhere, but not sure about the nut width.

What is the difference between a regular D-35S and a Custom D-35S? 

Also, Is the Ditson a 14-fret neck? That would be su-weet.

The Ditson and the custom D-35S are both 12 fret guitars the same as the D-28S.  The custom D-35S has white binding around the slot head, bone sadddle, nut, pins, and end pin, and it is Waverlly snake head tuners.
Sure is a beauty.
Alan -
According to Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference, between 1969 and 1994 (these years apply to both the 41 ad the 45) there were 18 D-41 (SD-41S) and 24 D-45 (SD-45S) made with a slotted headstock. According to Martin's lists of prefixes and suffixes, all of these were slotted headstock, 12-fret dreadnaughts.

Mark - Great looking guitar!
Wow, with that few of them, they must have incredible price tags when one comes up for sale.
Yes, I think finding one and buying it would be very costly. It might be cheaper to have a custom made.
I'm contacting the factory for that purpose right now.

You can hear a D-45S at Gryphon Instruments in Palo Alto.

Alan--you would have to go through a dealer to have a custom priced out.  You could contact Jon at My Favorite guitars or the Podium or Willie's Guitars in Minnesota.  They are 3 of the biggest Martin guitar custom dealers.


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