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Comment by Edward Sparks on January 27, 2011 at 1:11pm
Hey Robin, Would love to hear more about your D 12 28, I have a 1980 D 12 28 that is getting a neck reset right now. I will then use it tuned down a whole step in shows for songs I need the lower pitch to sing. Edward
Comment by Robin June Nakkula on January 27, 2011 at 11:08am

Indian rosewood replaced Brazilian rosewood sometime in the 1970's for Martin models, (especially standards, but other models too).  Currently, Indian rosewood is starting to get scarce, too.  I have it on my 1997 Martins, a standard D12-28, and a smallbodied 00-1R: the D12-28 has it as solid wood, and the 00-1R has it as a rosewood-mahogany-rosewood laminate sandwich that actually enhances the tone.

If you haunt the used & vintage markets such as 1-day guitar shows, like my friends and I do, you can get reasonably good at telling Brazilian r. from Indian r. from mahogany by the color and grain of the wood.  (I have a problem when they start throwing ovangkol or sapele woods into the mix).

Comment by Michael & Kody on January 27, 2011 at 9:42am
Yes, during my info gathering on the D 35, it seems Martin continued using the 3 piece back but use a Rosewood, Not a Brazilian Rosewood. I understand the HD 35, has a solid back, yet it is Rosewood also, not Brazillian. Apparently this occurred between 65-69 ( check Martin Site) when Brazillian Wood became govnt reg. Yet, I see comments made about Martin & others belonging to some sort of organization that is approved/certified so that you bare able to travel overseas without being thrown in the "clinker". So, not sure what the authentic/Actual situation is. Seems like some players may think they have "Brazillian Rosewood" but may Not. Does it Really matter, don't know! I'm still envious an still looking for one.
Comment by Michael & Kody on January 27, 2011 at 9:28am
Thanks good people, I decided the deal was too suspicious, although the vendor discounted the D 35 $500. Reading the web page thoroughly, I discover his street address/retail outlet close to the Martin Factory, was closed, yet that's where you were to send returns within 7 days! Said it was closed for Renovation? Many other rules in place, make paying an add'$500 at GC or SWEETWATER more prudent. I hate to "lambast" the dealer an if you were absolutely certain you would not have any issues in the future, you may be a "player", however I don't believe the risk is within my comfort level. Oh, what the hey, ever here of "" take a look @the web page (
Comment by chris mirabile on January 27, 2011 at 8:48am
i own a martin jc 16 re aura it is one year old purchased from sweetwater i love my martin i just noticed the begining of a crack in the top it is a 3 inch long straight crease 3 inches from the bottom and 3 inches from the side is this something that is fixed or do they replace the guitar changing the top is as much as the guitar is worth
Comment by Bernie on January 26, 2011 at 7:52pm
I bought my Martin through Nazreth Music Center also nice ppl easy to work with, as is Martin
Comment by Jonathan Gates on January 26, 2011 at 7:25pm
Dear Michael Warmack- I have been to the Nazareth Music Center. They sell Martins at a low price and are LEGITIMATE. 610-759-3072. It sounds as though you are dealing with someone else. If so, give The Naz. Music Ctr a call or look on line. What you describe sounds shaky. I do not blame you for feeling uneasy. Strap buttons can go in later. My D35 was $2200 in 2008 from The Ithaca Guitar Works in Ithaca NY.
Comment by Ed Rhoades on January 26, 2011 at 6:33pm

If it's got a Brazilian 3 piece back, it's not new.

Two days ago, I was in the wood storage of the Martin guitar factory. They still have Brazilian, but they haven't used it on a D 35 in a long time.

Yes, I would guess that putting a strap button would void your chance to return it. Putting a strap button is an easy thing to do at any time. (I've even done it.) I would make sure you like the guitar before putting a button.

You might ask for the serial number and call Martin to make sure it's really new. Here is a complete description with list price


Comment by Michael & Kody on January 26, 2011 at 6:05pm
Use, thanks very much. I have been quoted $ 1856 for a New D35 from a Dealer picking it up in Nazzareth, pa. The GC wanted $2300 both come with the case. Only issue is the least expensive one will be delivered w/o a box? Said the box Woolf be destroyed while he inspects, tunes, etc, free or Add'l $60 for luthier set up but still no box. Not sure if that matters, does come with case. The price is hard for me to pass up, almost suspicious, but don't know why? Also, by putting strap buttons or pre-amp Would void Dealer Return policy, however, still have Waranty with Martin, Inc ......I'm about to commit but queasy ....any thoughts, it's my impression the back is 3 piece Brazilian, dealer referred me to Martin site for specs & pics, he would not provide the info once ordered he will go to Nazzerath, pa for pick up, doesn't keep inventory apparently.....
Comment by Michael S. Jackson on January 26, 2011 at 9:09am

Michael - The main differences between the 35 and 28 are:

The 35 sytle has no headstock dart (diamond, volute, whatever you want to call it). The 35 was the first high end Martin (above 28 style) to eliminate the dart. The dart was originally to reinforce the neck to headstock joint. Though it has evolved in size (got smaller, then bigger, then longer, etc.), it is now used on all vintage and reissue Martins as well as standard on styles 28, 41, 42, and 45. It was also previously used on the M-36 (which was formerly named HD-35), the D-37K, and the J-40).

The D-35 has a three piece back which began as a way to use small pieces of scarce Brazillian rosewood (though not today unless special ordered) left over from manufacturing other models. Martin was concerned about the effects of the three piece back on tone so they experimented with bracing and finally settled on 00 style top braces and 000 style back braces (this is another difference from the D-28). You'll usually find that the two outside pieces of the back pretty much match but the center piece contrasts. Looks cool, I think.

The 35 style was the first to break away from the old Martin pricing/model designation where, as inlays and such increased, so did the price and that price became the basis for the model number (e.g.,28 cost was $28, etc.). However, the 35 did not have the pearl rosette found on all other models 30 and up.

The 35 has an additional black and an additional white line in the binding.

The fretboard on a 35 style is bound, not so in the 28.

The 35 was introduced in 1965; the D-28 in 1931.

I hope this helps... m


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