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This discussion group is BORING! C'mon people, everyone on "the coasts" thinks we don't matter, let's prove them wrong! For example, I got together for a jam with someone from Craigslist. He is a writer (as am I), and we discussed our writing methods and "philosophies." I'm also trying to get a set together for Willow Fest in August and trying to figure out a way to see Dylan/Nelson/Mellencamp
on 4th of July in South Bend. I know your town isn't more boring than mine, so what have YOU been up to??????????????

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Steve, Steve, Steve! We want the coasts to think we don't matter while we know that music from the heart comes from the heartland. I saw Dave Alvin and Chris Miller last week. They put on a great show.
Yeah, Steve, there is something to be said for "being under the radar." Midwestern/ Great Lakes pickin' is doing just fine. We can always claim we're playing instead of typing.

For example, I had a darned near perfect Sunday afternoon. An old friend from my misspent youth came over to the house and we jammed most of the afternoon, catching up on events over the past eight years, swapping old stories and passing martins back and forth.

Not long after he left, some guy I didn't know showed up and it turns out he's a banjo/mandolin instructor from downstate and wanted to get together and play over the 4th of July holiday. Turns out I'd been sitting directly in front of him in church this a.m. I always kept it quiet in church that I play, 'cuz Lutherans might not appreciate anything that isn't a pipe organ. you know, it might lead to dancing or something like that.

Now that, my friends, is Midwestern

I think, however, Steve raises a valid point. We need to get out and jam.

With all due respect to my friends on the coasts, as to whether my playing matters to them, I'm pretty much indifferent. It matters to me, and that's enough.

Play the finish off it, Steve!!!


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