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On Walden Pond...the Walden Guitars group!


On Walden Pond...the Walden Guitars group!

Walden Guitars are well-made instruments, constructed from high-quality materials, and provide great value at a reasonable price point, with many features usually found only on higher-priced guitars.  Designed in the USA by Jonathan Lee, a former guitar designer with CFox Guitars, Waldens are manufactured at their own, dedicated facility in Lilan, China.

Join us, and find out what makes this brand desirable and unique!  Available in a wide variety of body styles, from entry level instruments to all-solid-wood guitars with bone nuts, bone saddles, and wood bridgepins, Walden has something to satisfy almost any guitarist!

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My Walden G1070 and my daughter's Walden T550

Discussion Forum

How do the Walden Nylon/Classical guitars stack up ? 13 Replies

I was pondering the purchase of a nylon stringed guitar, with a pickup, if possible. I almost bought a Cordoba C5e from Ted at LA Guitars, but I walked out with a Uke instead.  However, I played one…Continue

Started by John Williamson. Last reply by John St. Apr 21.

800 series 2 Replies

Here is a cool article about Walden punching above their weight in terms of the cost-to-benefit ratio.…Continue

Started by Elton Bloye. Last reply by Elton Bloye Apr 21.

CG2000CEQ 18 Replies

Just bought a CG2000CEQ Walden Concorda Grand Auditorium for $450.Has a nice rich tone.Gotta get some calluses going. Haven't played in 30 years. Never had a steel string.Anyone else play one of…Continue

Started by Bill Czygan. Last reply by Elton Bloye Apr 21.

Walden CO2000 34 Replies

Hi thereAnyone on here play a Walden CO2000?This guitar checks all the boxes for my next (and final...I swear it!) acoustic purchase. Its in the right price range as well. The size and solid…Continue

Started by Elton Bloye. Last reply by Harris Coe Mar 6.

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Comment by Dave Fengler 2 hours ago

Congrats FG!!!  

My Gullmate and I have been married 22 years last month.  She likes the guitars and puts up with my disappearing after work many days to play with or fix them.

Comment by FloridaGull 3 hours ago

Elton - if you mean the Guild GAD F130RCE, yes I have - it is a very nice guitar.  I own a 2010 Guild GAD 30R, and I love it.  It would be interesting to put a Walden CO2000 and a Guild GAD F130 to a comparison test! :-)

Comment by FloridaGull 3 hours ago

The Gulls have been married for 10 years today!  Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife, who appreciates my music and my passion for guitars - and my passion for her... ;-)

Here is a commemorative pic, which is relevant to this day because:

It was taken about 3 weeks ago, so we haven't changed all that much since then...

It was taken in Cocoa Beach, and we are going back there tonight...

We are wearing the same shirts today! :-)


Comment by Elton Bloye on July 31, 2014 at 7:58am

Anyone played a Guild 130RCE? Seems like a worth competitor to the Walden CO2000.

Comment by The LMOM on July 21, 2014 at 10:58am

Hey, All.  I l haven't posted much here, but I lurk here a lot.  My main guitar for recording and playing out is a GL570 that I've had for about 4 years.  I occasionally think about getting a higher-end guitar, but the 570 suits me so well, and I like it so much that I can't really see the point.

Anyway, I just released a new record and used the GL570 on every track.  My recordings are all very simple, single mic, single track stuff.  Stylistically that's just how I like it.  So if you want to hear the tone of an un-enhanced GL570 (ok, I add a little reverb) go ahead and check it out.


Comment by FloridaGull on July 4, 2014 at 12:57pm

Happy Fourth of July!

Comment by Fern on June 2, 2014 at 3:22pm

FG, if he doesn't like what you are playing he is likely to let you know, loud and clear. 

My cockatiel screams bloody murder every time I play "Over the Rainbow" on the piano.  (Maybe it's the reference to bluebirds?)  He also doesn't like a new classical piece I'm working on by Muzio Clementi.  On the other hand, if I switch to something he does like, he immediately stops shrieking and begins to sing happily.

Birds are definitely little characters.

Comment by Dave Fengler on June 2, 2014 at 10:56am

We have 8 birds.  Non of them play guitar but a couple have tried to chew on one!

Comment by FloridaGull on June 2, 2014 at 10:50am

Meet Walden - my Father's Day gift!  He is a moustache parakeet...and the new group mascot! :-)

He is more of a small parrot than a "parakeet" - the typical parakeet we have here is called a "budgerigar" in most of the rest of the world...we already have 6 of them... :-)

Named after Henry David Thoreau and "Walden Pond" - or after Walden Guitars - or both... ;-)

Hopefully he'll like guitar music - he'll be with me for the next 30 years or so - the race is on to see who dies first! ;-)

Comment by FloridaGull on May 6, 2014 at 1:49pm

Here for your consideration is a FloridaGull playing a Taylor 710:

My friend Dallas is "holding" this guitar for a friend - I wish I had friends like that - I'm currently "holding" an Esteban for a friend's son - not quite the same... ;-)

Anyway, I liked the Taylor 710 - and I brought up my Walden G1070 and Seagull Performer for comparison.  Dallas liked the Seagull - except he finds the nut width a bit wide for him - but he's primarily an electric player.  All excellent guitars in their own right...

Work?  What's that? ;-)


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