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I don't know if each teacher would like to have her/his own discussion, or if we want to do it all in one thread - Please do what you feel and others will follow.

Susan Palmer:
• Guitar Instructor at Seattle University
• Author of "The Guitar Lesson Companion"

My Goals:
♫ Teach the skills that will give you more musical choices
♫ Apply the fundamentals to the music that you want to play
♫ Encourage you to form good practice habits that result in a higher level of musicianship

I use a structured system which is tailored to fit each person's musical tastes and ambitions. My system includes the study of these and other areas: reading music notation, rhythmic chord playing, melodic soloing, music theory and songwriting.

Please check out my free lesson library, read my blog and some reviews to get a general feel for my style. If you are interested in learning more about my teaching availability, please email me at:

Acoustic or Electric Pick-Style Guitar: Jazz, Blues, Rock and Folk Styles

Susan Palmer

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Toby Walker, a 4 year guitar instructor with Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp with over 30 years of teaching guitar, is a master of the fingerpicking country blues, slide, ragtime and improvision. He is now offering private, online guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home on your computer. Walker teaches finger style blues, rags, folk and slide at all levels and specializes in showing students how they can expand upon any song and apply those ideas into everything they play. For more information visit this link -

"I cannot tell you how wonderful your class was - how much I learned - the world it opened up to me" - Ricky - Atlanta GA

 "Where to begin. Wow!! Experience of a lifetime. I learned a great deal in your class and I have enough material to last me a very long time" - Bob - NC

 "I had a great time in your class and already am seeing a bunch of new ideas finding my way into my playing" - Tom - MN

Greg West
Location: Melfa, Virginia

I've been teaching guitar for 30 years, specializing in folk, fingerstyle, classic rock, and contemporary country. I offer special courses on 12-string guitar, open tunings, music theory, and helping lifelong self-taught players to begin advancing again. My music has been featured on public radio around the country and on several international New Age samplers. I've played in festivals around the United States, opening for Lorraine Duisit, Roy Bookbinder, and Alisa Fineman. I've donated use of my original music for a number of worthy causes. My song "Hearts of the Fathers" was used in a documentary about homeless children and "Inside Passage" was used for a recruiting video for a university nursing program.

I teach private lessons at the Eastern Shore's Own Arts Center and have recently begun to offer online guitar lessons. Please visit my website for details.


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