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Hi friends,

I haven't had a chance to really check this out yet, but the fact that you can have live video sessions with several people at once opens up interesting possibilities for teaching online. Mini-workshops? Small group classes?

Let me know what you think:

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So far I've conducted private, one on one online lessons without a hitch, party because I was able to adjust to a students level of playing and learning style on the fly. However, adjusting to the same thing with a group of students online may present a bit of a challenge. I conduct many workshops when I'm on the road touring and invariably have students with different abilities in the same class. Because I'm able to physically move around to each one it makes it easier solve that problem while not holding the more advanced ones back.

I suppose some type of parameters would have to be set up to ensure that anyone signing up for a class has a clear idea of what techniques will be expected of them.
Oh my gosh, thank you for posting this link!

This addresses several issues:

1) The best way for students to learn how to play the guitar is to study with a good teacher.

2) One on one lessons can be too expensive for many people.

3) Skype allows teachers to work with only one student at a time, which means that students are usually wait-listed until a slot opens up.

I'm looking into this. Thanks again!

Susan Palmer
Author of "The Guitar Lesson Companion"
Thanks for posting this. I had been preparing to start offering lessons via Skype when I read your post. I checked out the software and I really liked it a lot better. I use a Lexicon Alpha interface for a guitar pickup and mic, which really gives the student good quality sound on his or her end. Skype wouldn't support that device and I wasn't at all pleased with the sound. The Oovoo software detected the Lexicon device and the sound quality is way better than Skype. I agree that the possibility of mini-workshops is appealing, too.


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