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Howdy, all -

Not strictly a fingerstyle matter, so please forgive me .... but I'm doing an article for AG magazine, reviewing 5 new Gibson-tribute guitars from 5 different sources, and would love to play an old L-O, L-1 or L-OO, just for vibe comparison. Any of you good folks got one you wouldn't mind letting me lay hands on for a few minutes?

Many thanks.


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Although he focuses more on Martins, it couldn't hurt to ask Eric Schoenberg what he has just sort of, you know.. lying around. I'm sure he'd be happy to let you ley your hands on them for a bit.

Have Fun,
Thanks, CR. Stopped in to Eric's shop Friday. He's fresh out at the moment, as is Gryphon. Elusive little devils, these old Ls.
Gryphon has a pristine L-37.
Righto, Mike, and that 37 was hugely cool. Just checked inventory over there, and that guitar is conspicuous by its absence. Looks like somebody somewhere got a great deal. The modern comps I have are all roundy-hole Ls. Thanks fer the heads-up, though.
Gryphon currently has a1950 LG-3, if you're still looking.
Looks like they sold the LG-3.


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