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It looks like we're rolling ahead with the open mic places.  Michael mentioned and that is definitely a great place to start.

I figure listing opens mics here is good and people can give their input on what they liked or not have liked about any particular place.

I'll post some places later.  Dinner is nearing and I have to get directions to the place I'm going to tonight.


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I have only done three different venues over the years and thus far Dawson St Pub in Manayunk is the best for Acoustic Players, it is every Wed night starts about 9:30......sign in after 8. Wide array of levels of skill and styles. I may go this week and definitely next Wed.  I would love if anyone else from here could come along. Take care and keep on strummin'



Hmm, never been there.  I've got quite a few things happening this week.  I'll try to make it next week even if not to play.  What kind of material to they look for?  Some places/people frown upon covers being done.

Covers are fine....that is what I do....I would say that the group of players there does 70 % covers. They are not looking for anything field really....I am going tonight. To give you an example, I am doing Sullivan Street from Counting Crows, Motherland from Natalie Merchant, Turn the Page from Bob Seger, and maybe Windfall by Son Volt. If I recall, when we first interacted on here John, that you do not sing ? Does not matter if someone sings or goes instrumental. May have you confused, nonetheless, it is a very comfortable and non pretentious little pub. You will like it there I suspect.....Ciao!




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