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I own a National style O, & would like to get some sort of pick -up for it. I'm currently using a SM57 through my P.A.@ gigs, but it's not loud enough when i've got the bass & drum comes in. Heard about the National hot plate on their web site, wonder if its any good?? can anyone tell me???

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I have never heard of this but you have certainly peaked my interest!  I have a 1946 resonator that I would love to put a pickup in without too much alteration...I'll look into it.  Have you heard much about the Fishman pickups for resonators...I haven't but they do have a great reputation and aren't too intrusive looking.  Edward



Just found this thread where people are talking about the hot plate plus there is one shot with a pickup attached to the plate in an interesting way...I am not too fond of the jack placement though!  These all look like electric pickups and not the acoustic kind I am researching.  I did note that some of these in the pioctures are single coil and some are humbuckers, which makes a big difference inthe sound!  Here is the link:





  I sent my National Radio Bendaway, and tricone to National and had them install a Hylander PU. They are very true to sound and just boom. Contact Jason Workman at National.

I have a Style O and I use a Highlander for it. Its really the only hing - its loud and provides the tone you need. It replaces the whole biscuit, which you can put back later if you like. If you don't want to put a hole in the body for the jack you can use the F hole. Its really fantastic. My friend Doc White (check out Pickin Parlor on Vintage Nationals) uses a hot plate, but he still uses a mic for tone, whiich I don't have to do with the Highlander (which is $100 cheaper).

I ordered a hot plate from Mike Dowling a year ago and installed it on my brown National Delphi (named Brownie Mcgee). I love the sound of it and the plug and play ability. It sounds very true to sound if you run it thru a good acoustic amp like my acoustasonic sfx. It is a passive magnetic, so you have to spin up the volume a little bit. My other 3 Nationals have Hylanders, so they require a committed channel and the active box, but are great sounding and big volume. Hope this helps.

There are some resonator demo tracks on my solo web site:

Hope this helps.



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