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Here's a small Harmony from 1975 first shift.It was a low cost find with a damaged back,missing floating bridge and damaged tuner set on one side.Otherwise it was almost complete with a flat neck and like new frets,solid top and back.I removed all the Harmony parts polished all the screws, tuners and trapeze bagged everything for reinstall later. The back had way too much breakage and cracking to repair so I removed the solid back from a parts Silvertone I bought for Juds Silvertone project.I cut it down to size trimmed the cross braces to fit the Harmony body and glued it down. I'm looking forward to customizing this one not sure yet,lots of options.

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I have the replacement back on and have it nice and shaped to the guitar now.I have the body stripped of the old flaking finish and the sanding done to an even color overall. I marked the fret board for replacement inlay pearl markers to replace the painted dots. I marked the sides for white inlay side marks as well. I was surprised to see the large swirly grain pattern on the front of the Harmony under the yellow factory face and even more pleased to see the back I salvaged from the back of the old Silvertone matched the front so nicely. Next I'm going to reshape the head and drill for the inlays next. Now we'er hav'in fun.

Put in the Harmony's mother of pearl fret markers and the side dots today Then I enhanced the head to to a more stylish shape. Will be starting the coloring and finishing next.

The old Harmony got a new color stain and it's first coat of lacquer today

Ok  about 3 months have past now and this project is complete. New Martin light strings and the old Harmony plays nicely and sounds great. I'm pleased with the final result and it is beautiful in hand.

Well damn!  That's very nice!  A lot better than it was... ;-)


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