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Was lucky enough to pick up my first Adamas this weekend, a Millennium 2000 in near-mint condition.


Now I know what I've been missing, what a nice sound! And it plays oh so nice. can't wait to get it plugged in as well.


Here's a photo of my new sweetheart (I'll try to post some better images once I get around to it):


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And there you have it Dirk! Thanks Willa!

Hey, Mark ...the guitar I'm referring to can be seen in my photos here on my page.  My brother's been begging me to 'give it to HIM" for two years, ha.  I'm a guitar hoarder, but she is just too gorgeous and I've been guilty, watching her unplayed since I bought her.  I just suffer with a twelve, as I'm still learning on my SIX strings, ha.

I was playing my Milli yesterday.  Seriously; I have eight Adamas guitars and that Millennium is one of my favorites.  And an Adamas with a wider neck is not all that easy to come by.  I'm NEVER selling that one.  I say that often, but then again, I've never been quick to sell an A, and I'm ALWAYS sorry when I do.  I just have TOO many guitars.  I'm a GEETAR JUNKIE.  



I aspire to have a collection anyway near as nice as yours Willa. But that will have to wait for a larger house, more money, and less little boys running around!

Loving that Milliennium myself...paired it up with a Zoom A2 multieffect and it sounds phenomenal. The A2 even has an "Adamas" preset. Will be bringing the Milli and my Elite as a backup to the first gig I'll have played in more than ten years next week. We actually have a pre-gig set tonight at the place we're playing. Had to learn about 40 new songs over the least couple of months, but its going to be a lot of fun!

- Mark "Going Through Strings Like Crazy These Days" B.

HI Willa,

I am interested.  I am new to forum. How do I contact via personal message?



Dirk -

Send Willa a friend request - once you are "friends", you can send each other personal messages.

Good Luck - sounds like what you were looking for... :-)


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