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The iDea was released into the wild a few months back and I must say the capabilities of its electronics intrigue me greatly. I'm curious if anyone has seen one of these at their local music shop and, if you played it, what your thoughts were about it. I know it's made over seas and I know there are a great many 'ovationists' that shun the imports, but I am a little less curious about the sound of the actual guitar, which I can decide for my self the next time I get a free second to head to Elderly (my local shop) alone and see if they will grab one from the back log for me to sit down with personally. I am more interested in peoples thoughts about the electronics and how well they record both guitar and voice as I don't have a recording setup of my own, but could record with the on board and upload to my computer via usb. I'll take commentary on it as a whole unit as that is more than likely what I would get (you can buy the electronics separate from elderly and they will replace your current pre-amp in any 'recent' ovation, but the whole guitar is a bit more economical.)

Please, please reply with any experiences you may have with the iDea, or the iDea pre-amp in another ovation. I am very interested to get other peoples input!



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Dave, when first went on my quest to find a idea Ovation guitar locally. None of the Ovation dealers had one in stock.
Since I had my CC57 Show back Celebraty for sale on E-bay, I noticed that some music stores had them on sale.
That how I purchased by idea Ovation in January from a music store in Texas. They had the best price and plus I got a free Ovation case in the deal.
Recording is simple to use and I can up load my raw song ideas to my cmputer and finish them. The only fault I have against the new Ovations are they are made in China. I telephoned Ovations Hqs. in Conn for info and they assure me that all of their guitar are checked out and approved for shipment.
I love mine and oh by the way the sound is great.
Let me begin by apologizing for being so tardy in responding to your response.

I thank you for taking the time to give me your input. It is much appreciated and I am glad to hear that you like your iDea. It is good to know that you like the pre amps performance for recording. Are the songs on your profile recorded with it? Especially boopededo and friendly divorce? This gives me reason to go to Elderly and get them to dig one out of the ballroom to mess around with. Maybe next monday when I am off. I would appreciate it if you could record some various things and put the raw files up here or email them to me so I can also get an idea of the sound from the perspective of someone who is just listening and not in a music store trying to decide to purchase.

Again, thanks for the input. It is very helpful and good to know I now know someone with one!

Ha Dave yes to your question about recording with idea, the Boopadedo raw demo was from the guitar and then up-load to my computer and mised with cake walk. Friendly divorce was another idea recording but mixed with too much reverb.
I love this group and hope someday to be able to play guitar well enough to do solo gigs.
Take care and have a great week end.
In reply to Thoughts on the Ovation iDea, I bought my idea in January and I love it. I can record song ideas while playing the meloldy, then I can upload it to my computer and mix it with other tracks using Cake Walk.
I love my idea Ovation and love the way it is so easy to ply.
Coke Lindsey
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Hey Trawler,

Thanks for the link. I gave it a once over and it looks to be really cool and a good source of info on it.

I got a chance about a week or so back to get over to elderly and have them drag one out of the ball room to play. it's actually a pretty nice guitar and the pre-amp is a really sweet unit. I think even if I somehow was able to get an Elite 1778T from somewhere I would switch out the op-30 pre-amp for this one.

Again, thanks for the link.

I personally think this was a genus idea and from the vids I watched on youtube, it sounded like it the recordings are good quality. I'm not much of a songwriter, but I can see how it would be a good guitar for one.
The idea that I purchased in Jan 09 works wonders for me. I can record a song idea and then up load to my computer and then listen and complete the song when ever I desire. I then polish it up do a lead lyric sheet for a demo. This round back is worth the money.

Hey Guys, new community member here, and I just saw this thread...

I asked my wife for an iDeafor Christmas, cause the prices look like they've really dropped. I can't wait to start fooling around with it. I'd like to do a little "One Man Band" thing for campfires and get togethers...record some rhythm tracks to play through some portable speakers from the headphone jack and sing and lead over it. Its gonna be fun!


I'm hopeful the quality is at least somewhat near my Elite 6768. I've had that thing for about 18 years now and it looks and sounds fantastic. I've dropped it down flights of stairs, neglected it's care for years in college, and treated it poorly at times, but the thing is still a beauty.


Any thoughts on how well your iDea's are holding up?




Wow, what a Christmas gift!  Welcome tot he group!  We will be interested in what you think and how well "it" performs for you when you get it!  Please come on back and tell us all about it, and pictures wouldn't hurt either!  Edward

Got my Ovation iDea from the wifey and son for Christmas, and I have to say I really like it so far! Although it doesn't have the sound or projection of my Elite (it is a Celebrity model after all and not a deep body), it plays beautifully right out of the box, and I didn't have to set it up at all, tuned her up and started playing. Hasn't gone out of tune since.


I was a little scared due to it being manufactured in China, but aside from some overspray around the sound holes, it looks and feels pretty solid. Looking forward to getting some time to lay down a few rythym tracks shortly...Did a quick and dirty track of U2's "All I Want is You" (my wife and I's song) and played a second guitar part and sang over it for everyone on XMAS day, and the playback quality is quite good! Everyone thought it sounded really cool.


In a very strange freak coincidence, my sister-in-law got my brother the exact same black iDea for Christmas, but his had a big finish crack on it right below the neck. I told him it sounded like it went from a hot room to a cold airplane cargo bay, and to send it back for a replacement. The vendor agreed with this assessment and has sent him a new one...we plan on having a "Battle of the iDeas" at the next family gathering to see who has the best chops -- I'm fairly comfortable in saying, however, that I will win by a comfortable margin since he really hasn't played much in about 10 years. ;)


Late to the party here . . .

But I love my iDea.  Action is great, plays like a dream.  And the ability to record some "scratch" stuff works out well too - there's many times I'm a noodling around, get this idea and working a bit on it.  In the past, I've done that and when I was finished, I'd think back a week or so later and say "what was that groove I had?..."  Now with the iDea, I hit record, noodle away and then download it to the computer so I can revisit another day when I'm feeling the creative urge.



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