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Which one is the one that makes you want to play it all day long? Is there a big difference on parlors and Folk guitars? and what is the difference?

Best sound, best price, nices design etc? Any Ideas?

I really like the look on Seagulls Parlour and Simon and Patricks woodland pro sunburst parlour.

Anyone tried The Vintage V300MH or Tanglewood TW133?


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Still in the honeymoon phase, but I haven't been able to put down my new S&P vintage burst parlor cedar. now looking for best strings for it:

Craig, it sure is a beautiful guitar, love the finish.



yep, they did a nice burst, and finished with high gloss. I like the S&P rosette, too.


Phil Emmanuel in the "Seagull" group has a Seagull Artist Grand Parlor that he really likes a lot.  It's a truely beautiful little instrument from the pictures I've seen!


Also Gary Knuckles' "Small Body Guitar" group discusses Parlor size a lot.

It appears that Godin has shifted the Seagull Grand to the Coastline series with laminated wild cherry back and sides and cedar top. essentially the same as my S&P VB. It would appear that the top of line is now the S&P Woodland Pro with solid mahogany body and spruce top. The A&L AMI is similar to my S&P, just downgraded on the cosmetics (tuners, rosette, binding, finish)

Yep, they don't list the Artist Grand Parlor anymore do they ??


But, on the flip side, they also don't list the new Entourage Parlor that I played the other day at Guitar Center.


Word from my my inquiry to Godin is that the web site is about to undergo a major overhaul.

LOL ... I just noticed that I promoted the Small Body Guitar group in my post on the Small Body group site.  I gotta stop drive by posting so much ... :-)

Jud: Isn't it fun though. I almost did the same thing in your Seagull group but caught it at the last minute.



Jonah: As far as parlor size I'm not experienced in that size so I can't offer a lot of info. All of mine are bigger or I'm basing that on what I consider a parlor size, which would be a 3/4 scale. I guess in our recent posts the parlor size wasn't actually defined.


I've been looking at the Taylor Mini GS but not sure it would be considered a parlor size guitar?




Actually, Parlor size guitars range in a variety of sizes, my Seagull Grand Artist a full-scale guitar. Many other parlor size guitars are full-scale as well. Parlor size in general, just refers to a smaller body guitar. Travel size guitars are a rather new term, but those are usually smaller scale and smaller body guitars. Of course, there are exceptions. Ian Anderson plays a very smallish parlor guitar, smaller than most of the travel size guitars.

i love the size and tone of my GA, though I confess, compared to my J-200, well it's not really fair to compare them. I had a small Silvertone (Sears) in the early sixties, andnit was made of birch, I think, and it was fun to play, too. As far as a "best parlor", I think it would benhard for me to say.

Here's a link to an older review, which looks at a few examples.

You can see pics of my parlor on my AG page.

You should be happy with the prices you got in America!.. Over half price of Sweden :)

Example: the Guild F 30 costs 1399 dollars in the states and 3125 dollars in Sweden! and it is more or less the same with all the guitars :(


I hope New Zealand got good prizes hehe

I guess have a couple of parlors after all then, with my Epiphone 000 and my Martin OMC. I hadn't thought of them as parlors. In that case I'd have to say my Martin OMC is the best I've played but of course I'm biased.


My 1980 Epi PR600 really plays good too for a cheaper guitar, but not as sweet as the Martin. The Martin OMC just seems to fit and play just right.




I personally like the look of the Art & Lutherie Ami line...actually, only the Ami Nylon Cedar...


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