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Small Body Guitars


Small Body Guitars

This group is for those that like small body guitars and other sizes such as "00", "000" OM, Baby Taylors, grand concert, grand auditorium and other non dreadnought style bodies. Join up, post pictures and discuss them here.

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Comment by GNuck on July 12, 2011 at 4:16am

Welcome Mike;


I watched one of your videos the other night and saw you had a beautiful Breedlove you were playing, and it had a fantastic tone if this is the same one. It was your Silent Night & Silver Bells video and the playing was great as was the sound of the instrument.


I hope to get a 12 string some day to add to the small collection I have (5).

You have some beautiful instruments on your page.


I've yet to try Elixir strings but may give them try in the future when I replace the strings on my Seagull pretty soon.


I love the fit of a small body as well, as Deryl mentioned in his post. They fit me better and make it easier to play, though my Seagull works quite well too with the mini jumbo body, but my OM Martin is still my favorite for tone and comfort of playing.


Mike, do you anchor your little finger when playing as well and not anchoring too it against the guitar depending upon what your playing? Looked like you were maybe doing both or maybe it was just close to the guitar and not touching?


I have recently started working on not resting my pinky on the guitar while picking and find it's giving me more freedom of movement as I get use to it.


Anyone else have thoughts on resting the pinky on the guitar too?





Comment by Mike Nepper on July 11, 2011 at 10:46pm

I love small bodied guitars and have had some I didn't keep and a couple I still have. One is a very sweet 1995 Breedlove C10 Maple with incredible tone. Also more recent is a Yamamoto Talus with a Redwood top. Most recently I have been playing a new Taylor 12-fret cutaway with a short 24.75" scale length. This is a grand concert or OM size Rosewood and Spruce body with 800 series appointments. It is simple and easy to play unplugged or amplified.

I use Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb 12's with a .013" and .017" replacement on all my guitars except my old D-28 which has mediums.

There are pics of some of my guitars on my page and some clips and vids too.

Comment by GNuck on July 11, 2011 at 5:58pm

Welcome Deryl glad to have you.


Is yours the travel size Martin when you say little Martin? There's a travel size Martin LX1E on Craigslist here locally that I've been watching. It's about the same size as the Baby Taylor I think.


Is this the same model you have? I'd love to hear more about it since I've been keeping an eye on this one locally.


That's a lot of years on that parlor guitar I bet it sounds good.





Comment by Deryl Hilliard on July 11, 2011 at 1:06pm
I enjoy playing a Little Martin as my couch guitar and I also own a 100 year old parlor guitar that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I keep it tuned to DADGAD. I like the reduced string tension of a shorter scale guitar and the small body is more comfortable for me to play.
Comment by GNuck on July 2, 2011 at 2:25pm

I used to live in Mt. Juliet Tennessee and I think that's where Charlie's farm was at.


I was trying to work out a trade for a Big Baby Taylor about a month ago but the guy never met with me even though he said he wanted to trade it for my Epiphone Dot. That led me to eventually buying a Seagull mini jumbo to add to my guitars, how I settled on that guitar is another story.


I hope to add a Taylor to my collection in the future and it could be a Baby or Big Baby when I do. They both play really well. Also the Taylor GS Mini plays great as well, I'm surprised at the sound it puts out for it's size but I really like the Big Baby except for the screw they put in the neck. :)


Thanks for the info on the Fernandes Nomad cool looking little guitar.

Comment by Wes Millette on July 2, 2011 at 6:45am
Thanks for the welcome Gary, the guitar you were wondering about is a Fernandes Nomad electric travel guitar. It's a great little guitar with onboard Digitech electronics (effects, drums, modeling, etc). The sound hole is actually a small speaker. I ordered it and a Baby Taylor while I was working in Iraq a few years ago and have enjoyed both ever since. Charlie Daniels signed my Baby Taylor when he came to our little base over there and did a show for our well deserving troops. These are two special little guitars I hope never to part with.
Comment by Michael S. Jackson on June 30, 2011 at 10:25am

You're welcome.

Keep in mind that I like stiffer strings so that might jade my opinions.

The Goodtime is a great banjo! Keep with it!



Comment by GNuck on June 29, 2011 at 10:14pm

That is some great info on the strings, I appreciate the info.

Before the D'addarios I had used Dean Markley mediums for years, but once I tried the D'addarios I liked them, that is until the Martin Lights came along. I do plan on trying some Elixirs some time in the future though.


Joined your group. Love your banjo that you did so much work on, boy you did a bunch of work on that banjo, the inlays and everything is beautiful!


I have a Deering banjo (Good Time model) and like it even though it's not a high end banjo. I'm just a beginning banjo player though. I'm concentrating on the guitar mostly. Also play at the mandolin, have a cheap Johnson mandolin.


Thanks again for the info!




Comment by Michael S. Jackson on June 29, 2011 at 12:48pm

OK. Here's what I have so far:

Martin Eric Clapton OM: I assume she came with Martin MEC12 strings which sounded great with distinct, even tones. Volume was surprisingly loud. I changed them to Martin MSP12 strings and they are bright, clear, and easy to play. I think I'll go back to the MEC12s (assuming those were the ones the guitar came with), but they will have a long way to go to beat the MSP12s.

000 Recreation (I know I wrote 00 before but I meant 000): Came with D'Addarios, now sure which ones but they sounded really good. Not really loud but I don't expect this guitar to be loud. Tone is even and clear. I put some Peavey phosphor bronze 11s on her and she still sounds the same. Easy to play.

L-1 Recreation: Came with D'Addarios, don't know which ones but they were clear with a depth to the tone that I haven't had with others except the Martin phosphor bronze (e=11) Custom Lights (MSP7050). These are very clean, even, and bright with great mid tones and a deep bass. Very impresisve for such a small guitar; maybe the enlarged sound hole has something to do with it? I've also tried D'Addarios EJ26 Custom Lights which proved to be very light, bright, and hardly any depth. Finally, On this guitar I've also tried DR phosphor bronze RPL10 which were too light, with little tonality. These strings also "jangle" if played even the slightest bit aggressively. The DRs have not worked out for me at all on any guitar I've tried them on.

You can see photos of the 000 and the L-1 at The Music Link Instruments group where I also describe them.

I'm always interested to hear what others like about their smaller guitars. I really like the fact that I can sit on a chair, scoot my feet up underneath myself, and play quietly for a couple of hours at night. I find them very comfortable and easy to live with.

Take care - m

Comment by GNuck on June 28, 2011 at 5:48pm

I was using d'addario strings mediums on all my guitars. But I switched to Martin MSP4100 lights after trying one set on my 000 Epiphone acoustic.

When I bought the Martin OM it came with the Martin lights and I really liked how it played so I decided to try a set on the Epiphone. It made such a difference that I then put a set on my 1970 Grammer Dreadnought (Brazilian Rosewood) and what a difference in playability they made on it as well.


So I'm pretty set on the Martin lights now. As soon as I get ready for a set on my Seagull that's what I'll put on there as well. I can't believe what a difference it made in the playability with no noticeable difference in the tone.


Which ones have you been using?







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