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New Song: Give It All Up (give it all up?...for what? why should I?)

Brand new song. As with all my songs this came to me suddenly as a lyric line and idea then flowed out in complete form once I opened up to the idea. Recorded it right away to capture the moment:

Give it all up for Love
I hear some people say
Give it all up for Love
It’s the only way

It’s one thing to say it
Quite another to try.
Like the difference between the Truth
And telling a lie

Only thing Love has ever brought me
Is too much pain
Why the hell would I want to go back
And feel it again
Don’t want to feel it again

So when you gonna do it?
Finally lose the fear?
Let your spirit sing out loud
For everyone to hear?

Such a simple question
With no answer to find
Have to trust your feeling
Just go in blind
Go in blind

Love may not be the answer
It doesn’t pay the bills
So why the hell should I surrender
To Love I cannot feel
So afraid to feel

Each moment can reveal
A meaning to us all
Just have to learn to feel
The hidden call

Give it all up for Love
It’s the only way
Give it all up for Love
Stop being afraid
Stop being afraid

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The melody combines well with the lyrics. I can feel the emotion put into this song. I liked the harmony and the guitar sounded great with my headphones on! A very cool song!
Nice song, Gil.  Thoughtful, heartfelt and on the whole very positive.  I like the way the outlook progresses from the beginning to the end.  Nice guitar work too.


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