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This is a raw recording and posting this for a little feedback.  Would appreciate any comments.  Excuse my bass guitar playing!  Thanks everyone!!!!!!

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Harmonics and octaves used to good effect. I like the Latin and rock sections. Lee Ritenhour would be proud; I think that's the influence I hear here. If I may suggest, you might want to "breathe" a little bit. The sections kind of roll into each other. You got lots of chops, take the time to let them (the chops and the different sections) establish themselves.

Other than that, great job, John.
Hi Dave!

Good to hear from you. Yea the chop thing. I am psychotic being out of work and my life is a nightmare right now. It always comes out in my music. I left you a message last night, hope you got it, Went to your page and listened to your "stuff". play very well and tasty. Had questions on the recording. Later buddy
Hey Dave!

I also had a fostex, a great recorder.By ping-ponging I could get 8-10 tracks. Only problem once pinged that mix is permanant. What synth are u using for flute, etc?

I really loved your guitar work! What guitar did you use for the recording and did you go direct with it or mic the amp?


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