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Ok, so I'm a little behind. I heard his music on ocassion but never really seeked out his alblums. So out of curiosity and being told that this was probably one of the best alblums ever, I ordered a CD and picked it up yesterday. I've listened to it 3 times now! Cant get it out of my head. Quite a mixture of tunes, funny, thought provoking,  sad etc....Especially the "Moonbeam Song" wow!

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Forgot to mention why I posted this here was his lyrics, a full spectrum of story telling indeed

I think "Without You" is one of the most beautifully written and performed songs ever!  Also, he did the soundtrack to a movie called "The Point" back in the 70's which was incredible too!  AND if you are old enough to remember the TV show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", he did the title track to that! He hung out with John Lennon during his "Lost weekend" phase and the two of them got into all kinds of trouble together.  Amazing man.  Edward

Oh yeah, the movie came out in 1971 and was narrated by none other than Ringo Starr!

I also loved that album a LOT!!!  Without you is probably one of the most beautiful songs I know. A friend of mine introduced me to his album "Son of Schmilson"-a wonderful album to listen to back in the time of altered mind states. I still have it on CD.

I still have a few vinyl LP's of his but haven't listened to his in awhile.

Reread his section in the book Songwriters on Songwriting. Didn't say much about his process except he was mostly a pure inspiration guy. Said he got the idea for "The Point" from realizing that everything comes to a point. Didn't say much about Schmillson except that he heard "Without You" and thought it was a Beatles song :), but felt the need to cover it.

Anyone ever seen this?

Since we all seem to love Without are some song facts about it!

This was originally recorded by Badfinger in 1970, and appeared on their second album, No Dice. Nilsson wrote most of the songs he recorded, and many listeners assumed that this heart-wrenching ballad was also one of his compositions.
Badfinger members Peter Ham and Tom Evans wrote this. Ham had written a song called "Is This Love?," but wasn't happy with the chorus. Evans came up with the "I cant' live if living is without you" chorus, but had no verses for it, so they put the 2 songs together as one. (thanks, Tom - Mishawaka, IN)
Nilsson first came across this song at a Laurel Canyon party in 1971 and thought it was a Beatles song. Badfinger was signed to Apple Records, The Beatles' label. The story did not end well for Badfinger: Both Ham and Evans became despondent when they encountered various legal difficulties and committed suicide. Ham hanged himself in 1975 and Evans did the same in 1983.
Nilsson's version added an orchestra and gave the song a dramatic production. When Nilsson recorded it, he initially played the song slow and dark, accompanied only by piano. Producer Richard Perry recalled to Mojo magazine April 2008 that he had to persuade an unwilling Nilsson to record it as a big ballad: "I had to force him to take a shot with the rhythm section. Even while we were doing it, he'd be saying to the musicians, 'This song's awful.'"
Mariah Carey's version debuted at #1 in the UK in 1994 and hit #3 in the US. Nilsson died of heart failure on January 15, 1994 - the same day Carey's version was released in the US. Later in 1994, Nilsson's version was reissued to take advantage of the renewed interest.
This won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal in 1973.
Soft Rock group Air Supply did a popular cover of this song.
January 15th is a date with some interesting coincidences where Nilsson's version of this song is concerned. He died on January 15, 1994, the same day Mariah Carey's version was released, which is also 22 years to the day after his interpretation of "Without You" hit #1 on the US charts. (thanks, renee - bloomington, MN)

Thanks Edward!! I find it amazing how these things come to be. And more so how they come full circle. I read where Harry and Perry colaborated on Nilson Schmillson and was an excellent story. When I read such articles I tend to try and associate myself as much as pissible, such as seeing in my mind what is actually happening at that time (stange??). More so are the lyrics, simple as some are (so it seems) but always thought provoking.

That is an album I really heard a lot of growing up. One of my favorites.

My mother is only 16 years older than me so she was always playing great music back then. This one was always on the turntable. What a gem!  BTW, and not that I do it any justice, this is my amateurish take on Without You:


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