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Sue and I have a new song out called In Love Again With The World.
(I previously posted a video but since have done another version)
I took two different approaches to the song.
EDIT: This take is fingerpicked in standard tuning

In This version I fingerpick with a capo on 3rd fret resulting in a lower pitch vocal.

Sue and I would be interested to get your opinion on which approach sounds better for this song.
Thanks for listening!

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Hi Gil,
I would vote for the capo on the third fret version. It seems to be a more comfortable range for your voice. Great song and guitar arrangement.

Gil, even though I'm a fingerpicker mostly, I find the other version somewhat better. Although, that said, I like the melody and singing in the picked one better than the first song or strummed one. Just my opinion. Great song tho. Super lyrics and music. BUT, you play the one you like best, as that'll be the one you'll play at optimum quality. Mark
Hi Gil,

I like the one with the lower vocal. The song is calmer and more peaceful. Nice lyrics.

Well I'm going to REALLY confuse matters, and say that I like the lower vocal but I like the standard pitched guitar much better. It's not that I don't like the capo 3 guitar, it's more that I love that awesome guitar sound on the first one.
Hi Gil.

I like the second one (not the [alternate take]).


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