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I'm I too old to sing my songs on Jimmy Kimmel? 3 Replies

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New Song Demo on my website 5 Replies

Started by Bob Crain. Last reply by paul stokes Jul 11.

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Comment by Chris Wolf on July 16, 2014 at 2:12pm

Paul Stokes- Nice work! I like the flipboard style slideshow video with the song. I have done that a couple of times but never tried to co-ordinate with the beat. That is quite tedious and not as easy as it seems. Kudos.

Bob- Nice job but the video really should be taken horizontally with the Iphone. Gives more of a professional look and feel. Have your wife record that way and you might have something there.

Paul O - Cool tune. I love the DADGAD tuning but never kept a guitar in that tuning around long enough to get the hang of it. I just spent the weekend with a couple guys that love that tuning. One guy plays that tuning exclusively. Maybe I should give it another stab.

As far as using technology for getting me in my creative happy place, I find whatever For me, or you or whoever. Art is art and some people get mine, some don't. Some people may get yours and some don't. Doesn't make it any more or less "art". Here's an example of me using technology to make a piece of art. I combined a song I wrote, a performance with my wife and myself and my limited felt pen drawing skills and rolled them all together in a video. So there are really 4 types of art in this piece.



Video Production

Hope you like it.

Comment by Marty on July 16, 2014 at 1:34pm

That sounded great Paul!! Love the guitar/tuning and vocals.

Comment by Paul J Openshaw on July 15, 2014 at 10:43pm

I have never got into videos. I find, with technology, there is only so much I can take on board, and the more I try to do, seems to take me further away from what puts me in my happy creative place. I was reminded of the song below the other day. Hope you like it, but if not, as Chris says, thats is ok too. It would be boring if we all liked the same stuff!!

Comment by Bob Crain on July 15, 2014 at 6:59pm

Speaking of videos, and as I mentioned performance videos are ok and they are really necessary for a band in their Electronic Press Kits, my wife took some videos on the weekend with her iphone...they are surprisingly good in both sound and picture...however still amateur. I have put a Dropbox link to them up on my website Homepage if you want to have a look at Ashbury Medicine Show in action the link is down the page next to the heading "ASHBURY MEDICINE SHOW". There are 3 songs an old one of mine titled The Meaning of This Song, a newer one of mine called Ladies On Line and one that our bass player wrote which we performed for the first time called Don't Leave. I am playing my '73 D-28 and my '62 Guild Starfire and our left handed lead guitarist is play his Washburn and his Fender...and yes that is me in the middle doing most of the singing. Comments all gracefully accepted. BC 

Comment by Marty on July 15, 2014 at 3:15pm

Chris. It was great!! Thanks!!

Comment by paul stokes on July 12, 2014 at 12:47pm

Hey Chris, I appreciate the time it takes to edit video to music. take a look at this simple tune I put to images, had loads of fun doing it but there was a sequence of numbers 1 to 8 that I wanted to syncopate to an eight note melody within the tune thats pretty rapid. Have a look at it when you get a mo, I was never happy with it but eventually you have to full stop something.

Comment by Chris Wolf on July 12, 2014 at 2:06am
Thanks for all your input and opinion on my Wolfman song and video. The song came about from a songwriters challenge I was included in. You had to use the phrase "the life inside me" in a song. That phrase led me to the vision of a man, a simple man, who is just trying to survive, to be fruitful and be contributing to society, struggling with the notion that something else is controlling a portion of his behavior. "The life inside me" makes me do horrible things. Wow! Imagine the helplessness of knowing that you are really a good person but also knowing that something else is controlling a part of you. And it's doing things that are not acceptable to you morals. After the song was done, I realized that the Del Toro film would fit perfectly with the song. In a MTV kinda way. I spent a ton of time editing the video from the film to make it work. Especially during the solo where I stitched the "human to werewolf" transition from the film together to make it fit the guitar solo. If you liked it, thank you so much! Please check out my other videos. If you didn't like it, that's ok. If we all looked the same thing, we'd ALL be watching Justin Beiber videos, wouldn't we?
Comment by Bob Crain on July 10, 2014 at 6:41pm

Chris...nice arrangement a musically well done....however in my humble opinion the subject matter was not anything worth singing about. I know the current human fascination with zombies, vampires and the like is at a boiling point and if the song was written tongue in cheek about this current fad fine (it didn't work that way for me). It sounded more like it was written to take advantage of the current state of the human condition (more evidence of the dumbing down of the human race) rather than to make light of it, and what clearly indicated that was the video, real gripe (not the video itself or the production).

Why do we need a video to accompany our/every song to try to provide an explanation, to provide a visual component because without something visual no one will hear the song because in the current state of music no song is complete, recognizable, meaningful, or worth the effort unless it is accompanied by a video, it's not really a song unless you can put it up on Youtube.

Not a video of the band playing the song (that's fine as far as it goes) but a video, as in this case, of movie clips that the current zombie/vampire fans will identify with or it can be sexy girls in provocative positions, or people and animals being beaten, tortured, abused, or some other sensationalized malfunction of the human race.

In the old days we had the music and it was left to our knowledge, experience, understanding or imagination as to what the song meant or represented...and we left it at that. The artist drew the picture, wrote and sang the song but left it up to the listener to determine what it meant to them...because in the end that is what counts.

Now some songs, like most of mine, are generally pretty clear in what the writer is trying to get across...but even I get a kick out of someone coming up to me after a show and talking about what a song meant to them which is far removed from what I had in mind when I wrote it.....but had there been a video included there would be no discussion of the matter. I think the whole video craze has really downgraded the value of music and we see it today in the current state of the music industry and live music especially...unless there is some visual component the "video generation" just isn't interested...however I do see that changing a bit with the younger generation in that they seem to be over the music video charade... I hope so.

OK my rant is wait I am going to make a video of this so not only can you read can watch my head explode at the same time.

Chris it is a well performed song musically and vocally and if it was not accompanied by the video I may have found the subject more appealing as I could have interpreted it as poking a stick at the current zombie/vampire craze...but with the video you left me no option but to see it otherwise. 


Comment by Michael McBride on July 10, 2014 at 2:10pm

Good stuff, Chris W! Love the song arrangement. Great instrumentation. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Paul J Openshaw on July 10, 2014 at 1:39pm

I do like your take on things Chris and the arrangement too is excellent.


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