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Hi all,


I'm writing songs for a CD that will be a theme album. The theme is going to be a fantasy, with wizards, elves, trolls, etc and the ever present bad guy. I've written four of the songs, and have output them from Sibelius (since I write faster than I learn to play them). They are all meant for solo harp guitar. Can you give a listen and let me know what you think? I've included a link rather than upload the songs separately.






New songs

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There are six songs listed at ReverbNation.  Did you add a couple since 6/8?

Also, I'm having a problem playing them.  I'll click the play button and nothing happens?  For example, Tumæ Wyma (The Dark Forest).  I clicked it and nothing played.  At one point something started playing but then stopped?  But by this time I had clicked quite a few of the play links and also the "Play All" link.


Are you experiencing or any having problems with playing these from

UPDATE: This is weird.  When I wrote the above nothing would play.  So to I opened a new tab in IE9 by CTRL-left clicking the ReverbNation logo and a song started playing.  So I closed the new tab and all the songs started to play fine like there was never a problem?!?!?!??!?  Technology is picky.


Aren't computers wonderful? I've been having a grand time. I have a Mac, and two other PCs with Linux. I really like Linux, but since I'm new to it, the learning curve is really steep. Just finding hardware that works easily can be a challenge! But, I'll take the Linux challenge any day over Microsux.

I'm listening to Tumæ Wyma (The Dark Forest) right now.  Very nice.  I'm assuming all the parts are being played at once and there is no overdubbing - correct?  Oh, and I am forgetting that these pieces are exported from Sibelius so they are not you playing.  Sibelius seems to have some nice plucked string samples.  Very realistic including dynamics like attack including the pluck noise.  The arpeggiated chords are very nicely played as well.


Mellow and laid back.  I think these would be great score pieces.

Thanks John! I really respect your opinion. I know you have a lot of experience and knowledge. Thanks again!


All of these songs were written for solo 20 string harp guitar. I can play The Woodsman and the Elf Maiden; I'm just working through some bumpy parts. I more or less know Tumæ Wyma; I can play all the parts and I'm committing them to memory. I write the songs so that I can play them though I frequently have to come up with new (for me) techniques to get the sound that I want.

That's great!  As I was listening to Tumæ Wyma I was connecting the sound of the notes with where they would be on the harp guitar.  The low notes sat especially well in this visual.  I could imagine the higher melodic notes and chords but relating their placement on the instrument was a little harder not knowing the configuration or tuning.  Take this with a grain of salt because my opinion is from a musician's point-of-view.  The average listener won't go beyond the beautiful sound of the pieces and conjured imagery tied to their titles.




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