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My buddy Walt Pilcher asked me to add this as a Discussion and so here it is, complete with lyrics!  This is a new one of mine that I have just recorded.  It will get a final mix when the rest of the tunes for the new album are recoded.  I like to do the final mi and mastering of all the songs at once to help with cohesiveness as an album.  SO, let me know what you all think!  Thanks, Edward

Ice Around my Heart
words & music by Edward Sparks
Copyright M. Edward Sparks/Pepperland Productions 2010

When my eyes began to open and I felt the sun on my face 

I was too tired to greet the morning    I hadn’t really slept for days 

And the last thing I remembered was your smile
and how I felt

As the ice around my heart began to melt 

It was cold out that morning and they were calling for snow

I remember taste of that hot black coffee and that second cup to go

But the last thing I remembered was your smile
and how I felt

As the ice around my heart began to melt

Love may have broken me a long time ago 

I was a frozen man that no one wanted to know

Yeah love may have taken a toll all it’s own

By the time I knew what hit me, I was alone 

Like the answer to a question    That’s long been on my mind

That moment when you realize  How you want to spend the rest of your time 

The last thing I remembered was your smile and how I felt

As the ice around my heart began to melt

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Edward, I like your song, it put me in mind of how Hank Williams Sr. ask the question "why can't I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold heart. You said the same thing but in a new and very clever way. I like your song very much. The melody fit the lyric. Write on my friend.
Thank you sir! Edward
Thanks for the lyrics. A good introspective song of impending redemption! With a good hook. It has a driving rhythm and tempo that does a good job of suggesting that this is a man on the move -- maybe a truck driver, although it could be anybody with places to go, things to do, and self-built walls around him. I like it. I did have a problem hearing the word "love" in the line "Love may have broken me...", the main reason I wanted to see it in print. No doubt it's just a mix issue. I'm looking forward to the album.
Thanks Walt, I'll keep that "Love" word in mind when I do the final mix...this software program I have (Logic Pro 9) is incredible and will allow me to "teak" very precisely! Thanks again for your kind words and request for the lyrics! Edward
Hey, Edward! Interesting song, and I thank you for posting it. I think the most intriguing thing about it to me is the juxtaposition of some fairly hopeful lyrical thoughts and a kind of heavy, almost doleful melody. Yin and yang? Cool. The lead work seems very '60s-ish, but fits the feel of the tune well.

Good luck with the album... or whatever they're called these days!
Hi Edward, Cool song! Verse 1 was a little confusing at 1st. It starts off "warm" with the sun shining and then at the end it's suddenly snow around, it would have been clearer, to me anyway, to lead with a description with the snow all around you. Verse 3 was different from the other 3 verses, sort of a bridge, but what I would have really liked, especially if you have the voice range, would have been a wopping chorus come in there, like in a rock ballad. Nice hook and melody overall. Greetings, Steve
Thanks Ken and Steve...
Constructive comments always welcome! Don't know what they call "albums" these days...I think mine is going to be an "EP" though...the old name for an "extended play" record. In the 60's you had a "45" which was a single with a B side, and an album with 12 songs or so on 12" vinyl, and in the middle the Brits had a "EP" with 4, 5 or 6 songs on it! The Beatles never released a full length album of the "Magical Mystery Tour" soundtrack in the UK, they released an EP with just the new songs from the the US our buyers were not familier with the EP concept and so they added other incidental music from the film and made it into a full length album.
I think mine will have five new original tunes with me doing all of the instruments and vocals, including this one. I have this and another about finished and two more started! Anyway, that's my thoughts right now! Edward
Hi Edward, Thanks for the explanation of EP. I've been wondering what that means. I knew it was a record with several songs on it, but I didn't realize what the initials actually stood for. Best Wishes with yours. Greetings, Steve
Ah, memories! I still have several old (scratched and probably unplayable) 45s in my possession, and somewhere a few of my folk's 78s. I'm old enough at 55 to marvel at the progress we've made (though some would argue that point) from records to tape to digital. Tommy Lee Jones' character said it well: "Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to buy the White Album again..."
Yep, with you there...will be 55 in November! What movie is that Tommy Lee quote from? I remember it but not the movie! Edward
'Men In Black' - the first one. A classic! "No, Elvis is not dead - he just went home!"
That's right! Great movie, great line and the Elvis one too!


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