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I wrote this song for my wife a couple years ago while I was contracting in Iraq and recorded it at home when I got back. Feedback on the song would be appreciated, I know the recording quality needs lots of work.

Nothing but You

I sit by the phone, wait for your call
And I stare at the floor, stare at the wall
And I' m searching for something to carry me through
But there's nothing, nothing but you

And I can't see your face, can't touch your hair
I reach for your arms, but I know you're not there
And I try to hold on, but what can I do
When there's nothing, nothing but you

Oh nothing, nothing but you (4x)

Thought I was doing the right thing
Coming here to this war
Now I know that there's only one thing
In this life worth fighting for

Sorry for all the sadness
And the pain you're going through
And I pray every day for the will and the way
Untill I get back home to you


But I know that the days and the weeks, they will pass
And the months will go by, 'till finally at last
We'll awake from a dream we thought wouldn't end
And I'll be in the arms of my lover and friend

But for now we'll hold on alone and apart
And each day we will deal with the pain in our hearts
And I know we'll be sad, and I know we'll be blue
'cause there's nothing, nothing but you


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Wes, Nice melody....the vocals need to be more up front..a good idea is to post the lyrics so the listener can read along whlie listening.
Thanks Jim, I'll post the lyrics.

Again, very nice song. Thanks for posting the lyrics. I like the "Thought I was doin' the right thing" echo lines at the end, and the instrumentation, especially in the solo.

The song has a nice melody that's easy to listen to and sets the right mood, but you might want to change it up some for the chorus and/or the bridge in order to make the song sound more interesting, especially as it has so many verses (all of them good) and can get repetitive if there's no real variety in the music.

You have a nice voice. I'm not yet a good singer, but I've noticed on vocal technique that it's good to avoid the "ch" sound except where it's in a word, like "church." You probably don't mean to sound like you're singing "nothing but choo," so you could try "nothing buh you." Cut the "buh" off sharply (like in "uh oh)" and it will sound like "but" to the listener and flow right into the "you" without making the "choo" sound. Does that make sense?

Great song. I don't like the heavy fuzz tone throughout the song. The picking part is good. The solo is good. The sentiment is terrific. And your vocal is great.

Though, I agree there's a couple enunciation things. It sounds like "I want nothing but chew" in the repeats. (Maybe sell it to Wrigley's gum. ;^D ;^D ;^D )

Very good.
Hello Marshall, sorry about the "Buttchew". I was really rushed whan I put the recording together and didn't notice till it was too late. I plan on redoing the song when i get time. As for the fuzz, it's a long story, but believe me, it needs to be there.

You know, I kind of like it the way it is. It's from the heart. That's what we're shooting for, right?
Thanks Ken
Great Job! Okay so the mix could use some work, but that was great. I really like the fingerpicking it was clean.


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